CBR TV: Jock, Michael Molcher on "Snapshot," 2000 AD's Rising U.S. Profile & more

Eisner Award-winning artist Jock and 2000 AD PR Coordinator and writer Michael Molcher spent some time with CBR TV at Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss Jock and writer Andy Diggle's longtime collaborative relationship and their most recent work for "2000 AD," a serial titled "Snapshot," the rising profile of the long-running British publisher in the United States, Jock's artistic influences as a child until now and more.

Jock on the origin of his and Andy Diggle's creative relationship: "I actually first met Andy when he was assistant editor of '2000 AD," and I showed him my stuff, and he liked it and he said, 'I like it, but maybe not for "2000 AD."' By this point, I'd been submitting stuff for quite a few years, and I was kind of resilient, and I said, 'No, no -- what do you think." And he sent me a Dredd sample script. He got it and he liked it, and the first thing we did together was 'Lenny Zero"... for '2000 AD.'"

Molcher on 2000 AD's current rise in profile in the United States comics market: "There have been attempts in the past for '2000 AD' to break in America, but it's never really been followed through properly. There's been a bit of a push, maybe it hasn't taken immediately, and other priorities have taken over. In just the last little while -- we've got so much fantastic stuff coming out, and we've go our U.S.-only book line... so, for the first time, people aren't gonna have to order it through Amazon.uk. You can actually just get it in a normal book [store]."

Jock on his earliest comic book influence: "When I was super young, I had Superman. [Laughter] I was like seven or eight, and I had a couple of Superman annuals, and they were the things that kind of transfixed me. Like, Curt Swan artwork -- just... just beautiful, you know. I can remember looking at them and thinking, 'How do you draw that?' There was this page of 'How to draw Superman,' in this annual of, like, Curt Swan's, all his expressions."

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