CBR TV: Greg Weisman Reunites Voice Actors for "Rain of the Ghosts"

Animation and comics veteran Greg Weisman stopped by the world-famous CBR Tiki Room earlier this month at WonderCon in Anaheim to discuss his first-ever Kickstarter campaign -- seeking funding to finish an audio play version of "Rain of the Ghosts," his young adult novel.

"If you like my work on 'Gargoyles,' or 'Young Justice,' or 'Star Wars Rebels,' I really do you think you'll like 'Rain' or 'Spirits,' or both," Weisman said, referring to both "Rain of the Ghosts" and its sequel, "Spirits of Ash and Foam;" the first two books in what's planned to be a nine-part series.

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For the audio play, Weisman recruited several voice actors from the beloved animation projects he's worked on -- "Gargoyles," "Young Justice," "Spectacular Spider-Man" and "Star Wars Rebels" veterans including Ed Asner, Josh Keaton, Vanessa Marshall, Steve Blum, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner and Jim Cummings. The inspiration came from not wanting to do a traditional audiobook with only one narrator.

"I just went back to what I knew," Weisman told CBR TV. "I do animation. We do full cast recordings. We do music, we do sound effects. I don't want to do an audiobook, I want to do an audio play."

Weisman paid for the recordings out of his own pocket, and launched the Kickstarter to fund the rest of the costs associated with bringing the production to fruition.

"This is a real studio-quality production, but without any studio interference," he said. "What we're raising the money for is the post-production. For the music, the sound effects, the mixing of it, so by the time it's done -- probably around September of this year -- this will be basically a four-hour animated movie, with everything but the actual animation."

At press time, the Kickstarter has exceeded its $43,000 goal by nearly $8,000, with the campaign set to wrap on Wednesday afternoon. A stretch goal of a 20-page comic by Weisman and artist Christopher Jones has been added if the campaign hits the $58,000 mark.

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