CBR TV: Greg Pak & Aaron Kuder Unite to Tell Fresh Superman Stories

The "Action Comics" creative team of writer Greg Pak and artist Aaron Kuder joined CBR TV's Albert Ching at WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim to talk about their close partnership, Kuder joining the book as a co-writer and the current direction of the Superman series from DC Comics, which they say does things that "haven't been done."

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After discussing the unique nature of their collaboration on the series, which Pak said was made better by each trusting the other, the writer revealed that Kuder would be co-writing the series' plots with Pak following DC's "Convergence" event.

"Starting with issue #41, we'll actually be co-writing the plots," Pak explained.

"We'll be wearing the same shirt, too," Kuder joked.

"It just makes sense. We've been doing a bunch of Superman summits and planning out the next big step for Superman which is gonna be huge in June," said Pak. "We've been talking story this whole time and it made sense that now we just do the story together."

Kuder went on to describe how they're taking the book and character -- who's been around since 1938 -- to places no one has before. "The stuff that we've done and are getting to do in the Superman world, it just hasn't been done," said Kuder. "I'm not even being like, 'Hey, it's totally new!' But like it's so cool to be a part of that. It's not like we even intended to start down that path, we just wanted to stay true to the character, true to what we want to tell in a story, and represent the world that we're all living in today with that character.

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