CBR TV: Davidson, Whitley & Minns Bring Martial Arts, Comedy to 'Black Dynamite'

Voice actors Byron Minns, Tommy Davidson and Kym Whitley sat down with Jonah Weiland for a lively discussion from the CBR Tiki Room at New York Comic Con to talk about their roles in Adult Swim's Black Dynamite animated series which wraps up its second season tomorrow night. They discuss their interests in martial arts, working together in recording sessions and the apes from Planet of the Apes stealing James Brown's style.

When Minns described training his sons in martial arts since they were four years-old, Davidson joked that Minns will likely always think he can take his sons in a fight, even when he's eighty. Davidson then spoke about his own training in amateur boxing and taekwondo, but explained that he gave it up as the competition became too serious as he got older. Whitley kept the discussion action-oriented by talking about her fight scene in the Black Dynamite movie -- and how awful she was at it -- but said her co-stars were very encouraging and the end result worked for the film.

The trio also talked about the process of voice acting for the series, and why they've only recorded one session as a group and the rest in isolation. Davidson also praised Carl Jones for his meticulous writing and direction, crediting that for keeping the show so successful. Davidson, in typical fashion, acted out a rendition of Jones directing them which caused all three co-stars to erupt with laughter

Turning to genre influences, Davidson talked about being a huge Planet of the Apes fan, but when he saw it as a child it freaked him out. He then compares compare the apes' style to that of James Brown. "When you see an ape, with a James Brown outfit on, and an Uzi, you know you're going into some sci-fi." Whitley talked about her impressive collection of Archie comics, and lamented that they were loaned out to a friend and never seen again.

Davidson wrapped things up by playfully ripping on Robert Downey Jr.. "If he can be Iron Man, I can be [Black] Panther."

Minn playfully scolded him for name-dropping, saying, "Robert De Niro told me never to name drop."

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