CBR TV @ CCI 2012: Zak Penn, Scott Murphy Discuss Their "Hero Complex"

Screenwriter Zak Penn and his comics co-writer Scott Murphy spent time aboard the CBR yacht to promote their upcoming Avatar Press title "Hero Worship." After touching on Penn's Hollywood career, specifically his scriptwriting for Marvel Studios films, the two dove into the nuts and bolts on their comics, a non-traditional superhero tale that explores the concept real world ramifications of superpowers, examining the idea from the viewpoint of a kid who finds himself gaining some of the same powers as Zenith, the superhero he's obsessed with.

"[S]omething we get to explore with this comic book is, what would it really be like [having a superhero in the real world]?" Penn explains of "Hero Complex's" approach to superheroes. "I mean, this guy, for example -- when Zenith rescues people, not all of them get rescued. Realistically, and in one of the opening scenes in the comic, he's there to rescue a group of people, and one of the first guys falls off the crane and dies pretty horrifically. Because, that's the way life works."

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