CBR TV @ CCI 2012: Tony Curran & Jamie Murray Talk "Defiance"

Tony Curran and Jamie Murray, stars of the new SyFy series "Defiance," stopped by the CBR Yacht during Comic-Con International in San Diego 2012 to shed some light on the new television series and how it relates to the new "Defiance" Massively Multiplayer Online game under development at Trion Worlds. The actors spoke about their first time at CCI and the big promotional push for the series before it's aired -- and being unprepared for the huge influx of fans at the convention.

Curran and Murray, who play Datak Tarr and Stahma Tarr, respectively, spoke about the dialect of their alien characters in "Defiance," going so far as to speak in the fictional foreign language on camera.

"We've come to a new world and we want to assimilate, so there's parts of our culture that we hold on to, but parts that we very much want to move on from," said Murray. "Sometimes, we'll use our language when we're making a point to each other or we'll say an old [alien] phrase. In the next episode that we're going back to shoot, we have a whole scene in [the language.]"

The actors also spoke about Language Creation Society president David Peterson, who helped to create the Dothraki language for "Game of Thrones," and his work on the language the Tarrs speak in "Defiance" as well as the seven other races contained in the show's universe. Murray said there is a "musicality" to the language she and Curran speak on the show -- but seeing the words typed out on the script was intimidating for both actors.

Curran and Murray briefly teased the direction of the show in anticipation of its premiere, saying it begins with aliens coming to Earth in spaceships full of many alien races, detailing the depth of the show in terms of both story and character.

"Human beings being human beings, they think they're under attack," said Curran, "which of course, they're not. They're actually fugitives, displaced peoples, refugees from a different not just culture but a different planetary system. Basically, there's a shot that rings out and a war breaks out. It's not as black and white as human against alien. People are infighting with all kinds of alien characters." After the Pale Wars conclude, the eight races of Votans come together to form the town of Defiance, where the show takes place, in St. Louis.

"Defiance" premieres April 2013 on SyFy.

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