CBR TV @ CCI 2012: Surviving "The Walking Dead Escape" with CBR's Steve Sunu

Editor's Note: We sent CBR staffer Steve Sunu into the infected undead zone of Petco Park during Comic-Con International in San Diego. Steve managed to get us footage and a report of the event as he attempted to make his way from the infected area to evac in "The Walking Dead Escape."

A chain link fence strains against a cavalcade of zombies as a man in military fatigues yells through a megaphone at the assembled masses. "Remain calm. Don't believe what you've heard in the media. This is a safe zone." Suddenly, a FEMA volunteer walks through the area with two zombies chained at the neck and before I know it, he's been bitten. Infected.

"He's been infected! Go, go!" yells the voice in the megaphone. A gate opens and smoke streams through. I feel my feet start to carry me over concrete around the corner, and then I see the shambling dead lying on the floor, walking around -- and I only have one thought: Run. Run as fast as your legs will carry you. Climb the rope bridge and attempt to ignore the undead reaching for your legs. Vault over the barriers. Just get to safety, hide, sneak, be aware of your surroundings -- and above all, run until you're safe.

Uninfected FEMA direct me to the best route out of the contaminated areas, forcing me to do whatever I can to avoid the undead and come out alive -- but it's a challenge. I can hide behind a car or crawl under fenced tunnels, and the sight of a human being eating the entrails of another doesn't help me control my rising terror. Is that blood on my hands? Where did that come from?

It doesn't matter. I have to keep moving. I can only hope that I make it out of here uninfected. I think I've managed to avoid contagion so far, but I can't be sure until I make it to the safe area and go through decontamination. Hopefully, this won't be the last piece I write, but in the event that I do not make it through here alive, I hope this footage finds its way back to the right hands and the public will be made aware of the horror within the walls of Petco Park this weekend.

"The Walking Dead Escape" is currently going on at Comic-Con International in San Diego 2012 at Petco Park.

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