CBR TV @ CCI 2012: Scott Snyder Explores The Joker, "American Vampire" and Rotworld

CBR TV's Comic-Con International video interviews roll on with "Batman" and "American Vampire" writer Scott Snyder climbing aboard our luxurious yacht to discuss several topics beginning with the level of acceptance fandom has shown for his and Greg Capullo's Court of the Owls storyline and characters, with fans cosplaying the characters already and presenting the writer with hand-crafted gifts based on the concept.

With the Court of the Owls' story wrapped -- for now -- the Joker is set to return to the New 52, a prospect Snyder is equally excited about and intimidated by, resulting in him writing what he considers to be his own ultimate Joker story, studying the character as best he can. As for what readers can expect, while versions of the character like Heath Ledger's portrayal inspire the "Batman" team, the story is one that puts their stamp on the iconic character, exploring his motivations for having had his face peeled off in "Detective Comics" #1 and what it means for Batman and his "family."

Once the Joker storyline is done, Snyder assures readers he has a number of stories planned featuring the rest of Batman's rogues gallery, including the Riddler -- who also appears in the Joker's arc as the Clown Prince of Crime intends to show him and the rest of Batman's regular nemeses how to "do their jobs properly."

Speaking on his and Rafael Albuquerque's "American Vampire" series, Snyder discussed the time and setting of the title, explaining why they've to have settled in the 50s for the current and coming storyline and why it helps drive forward one of the main themes of the series, exploring what makes people heroic and monstrous at the same time.

Finally, Snyder touches on his and Jeff Lemire's huge "Swamp Thing"/"Animal Man" epic, "Rotworld," which will bring a number of characters from around the DCU, before hinting at an upcoming creator-owned series he's not quite ready to announce yet, though he assures fans he's not leaving "Batman" or "American Vampire" anytime soon.

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