CBR TV @ CCI 2012: Mark Waid on Thrillbent, Digital Comics, & Tales of Faith & Science

Mark Waid spoke with CBR TV during Comic-Con International in San Diego, stepping aboard the CBR yacht to discuss comics, digital and print, and the inherent benefits and challenges both mediums offer..

Before diving deep into the world of Thrillbent, Waid spoke on the resurgence in creator-owned comics, crediting the advent of social media and crown-funding websites as being a large part of the current state of affairs, encouraging people to step out on their own and create what they want to create. As Waid himself personifies, this doesn't mean fans should expect a mass exodus from Marvel or DC as the market allows writers and artists to work on their own projects while still working on characters like Superman or Spider-Man.

Waid spoke on his venture into the world of webcomics with Thrillbent.com and "Insufferable," explaining that while it was a big deal for comic book fans when he announced the launch of the site, the webcomics industry either didn't notice or wondered what the big deal was, a reaction that actually excited and invigorated the veteran writer.

Waid discussed the upcoming growth of Thrillbent, with established creators like Gail Simone, James Tynion III and more all coming on board with their own projects, Top Cow bringing its Pilot Season program to the site and new writers and artists launching series that may never have seen the light of day at a traditional print publisher.

"Shadow Walk," Waid's upcoming graphic novel collaboration with Max Brooks and artist Shane Davis is the final topic of conversation, with Waid discussing how the project came to him by way of Legendary Comics' Bob Schreck, how he and Brooks developed the story and what readers can expect from the story.

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