CBR TV @ CCI 2012: Mark Waid & Matt Wagner on Legendary Comics

At Comic-Con International in San Diego 2012, Mark Waid and Matt Wagner stopped by the CBR Yacht -- to interview each other! The two fan-favorite comic creators spoke about their process and feelings on comics as a medium, focusing on their current work for Legendary Entertainment's new comic imprint, Legendary Comics.

Wagner, who wrote "The Tower Chronicles" -- developed by Legendary's owner Thomas Tull -- said he took on the project because the offer was unlike any he had received before.

"It seemed like a great challenge," said Wagner. "The ideas he brought me were enticing. Most importantly, I was able to find that kernel of humanity that is the key to every single story. I was able to, with Thomas, develop that into a pretty epic saga. By the end it'll be 800 plus pages of story art."

"The Tower Chronicles," which features art by Simon Bisley and hits at the end of 2012, is a trilogy -- three books with four 68-page volumes per book -- about a supernatural bounty hunter, which was the initial pitch Tull brought to Wagner, who said the ideas developed to help broaden the story turned it from an idea into a saga.

Meanwhile, Waid spoke about his work for Legendary Comics, "Shadow Walk" -- due out in 2013 -- which brings together Waid, co-writer Max Brooks and artist Shane Davis, for a horror-thriller graphic novel. Waid was approached in the same manner as Wagner, and said the pitch dealt with "a supernatural place that we've all heard of."

"Every schoolchild has heard of this place ... but it turns out the reason we don't think it's real is because there's no record of anybody entering it, surviving and living to tell the tale," said Waid. "There's been legends of it since Babylonian times. We finally had somebody a few years ago -- one of our Army Rangers went in with a group and staggered out alive. Broken, beaten, but he made it out alive. Now, it's for real. We need to know what's in there, we need to get in there before the Chinese do, the North Koreans do, the Russians do because the world is at the brink of -- I don't want to say war. Bigger than war."

Waid went on to say that the book will be about a team of hero scientists and, much like "Kingdom Come," the story will involve faith and the importance of faith in the supernatural world.

Both creators continued speaking about bringing their personal interests into their individual projects, stretching new creative muscles and their excitement of working with their respective artists.

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