CBR TV @ CCI 2012: Man of Action's Joe Casey, Duncan Rouleau on "Ultimate Spider-Man" & More

Man of Action members Joe Casey and Duncan Rouleau dropped in on CBR TV during Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss a number of projects, from the world of animation to comic series past, present and future.

The discussion opened with "Ultimate Spider-Man," with the pair talking about how they approach writing the series -- and all of their projects -- by creating something they liked with the hope that that would appeal to the targeted audience, applying lessons they've learned working on series like "Ben 10" to Spidey.

Shifting to the pair's comic book projects, Casey spoke on his upcoming Image title "Sex," a super hero title that focuses on the sexual aspect of the genre that he believes will surprise people once it's released, though he admits he's still unsure of how the reading public will react. Casey's other Image title, "The Bounce," is described by the writer as his latest series that will make people ask "what is he on, what is he taking."

Casey and Rouleau explain why, despite their success in television, they continue to work in comics, citing their love of super heroes and the very personal nature of the medium, especially when you write and draw your own series as Rouleau has done with titles like "The Great Unknown" or even DC's "Metal Men."

Both creators tackle the topic of publishing books on time or with regularity versus taking their time and making sure they release something they're completely happy with. Rouleau says "The Great Unknown" should be completed by the end of 2012, while Casey promises more "Butcher Baker" and Godland" are on the way, explaining that for the latter, he actually got "stage fright" once he realized he was ending the series and had to make sure everything ties together in a satisfactory and logical fashion.

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