CBR TV @ CCI 2012: Jon Goldwater on Archie's Movies, Digital Comics and "GLEE" Crossover

Archie Comics Co-CEO Jon Goldwater stepped aboard the CBR yacht at Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss all things Archie, from the publisher's "GLEE" crossover to the upcoming line of MAC Cosmetics, plans for a live-action "Sabrina: The Teenage Witch" movie and the digital-first "New Crusaders" comics.

After a bit of NBA discussion, the Archie exec dove into his company's current announcements starting with "Archie Meets GLEE's" origin as a New York Comic Con pitch by "GLEE" writer and comic book scribe Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa before moving on to talk about the Archie's Girls line from MAC Cosmetics and how important it is to the company. The line will be released worldwide, increasing awareness of Archie Comics in countries where the characters simply aren't as well known as they are in other locales.

"It's really the creative team you surround yourself with and a studio that believes in you," Goldwater said about Archie's upcoming foray into moviemaking with a big screen "Sabrina" film. "We're very lucky to be with Sony Studios. They just put out the Spider-Man movie, and that's a tremendous success. We have Don Murphy, who's producing the movie for us. Don't the brains behind 'Transformers,' he just put out 'Real Steel' as well. The vision they have for 'Sabrina' as an empowered woman, very much along the lines of 'Harry Potter,' but a little more -- I don't know -- maybe a little more aggressive. It's really about the creative team, and I think we're assembling an incredible creative team around this project."

The digital-first "New Crusaders" comics published under the Red Circle imprint is also touched on, with Goldwater explaining that as solid an effort DC Comics made with them, Archie knows them better and has a clearer vision for them. With the print version coming out in August, Archie is bullish on the franchise and is firmly committed to developing the characters for the modern comic book audience. "This is definitely big picture," Goldwater assures fans. "This is long runway -- we're going to take our time and build ['New Crusaders'] the right way."

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