CBR TV @ CCI 2012: John Layman on "Detective Comics," "Chew" & Waiting for Showtime

Writer John Layman joins CBR TV to talk about the most recent development in his career, having recently been announced as the new writer on DC Comics' "Detective Comics," explaining how the gig writing Batman came about and who the Dark Knight is to him. Layman also hints at the type of stories he plans to tell over the course of his run and how he plans to work alongside Scott Snyder's "Batman" plans.

Next, Layman discusses his and co-creator Rob Guillory's "Chew," focusing on the just-released "Secret Agent Poyo" one-shot which he described as "'Chew' without the rules." The writer explains why he can't imagine ever producing a "Chew" story without Guillory involved as well as why he has no plans to work on more than one creator-owned series at a time.

The ever-gestating Showtime series is touched on as well, with Layman assuring fans that the series is still moving forward, albeit slowly, and passing on the advice he's received from "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman on what to do while he and Guillory are waiting for the show to kick into gear.

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