CBR TV @ CCI 2012: James Robinson Discusses Alan Scott, Gay Characters & "The Saviors"

James Robinson kicked off CBR TV's Comic-Con International interviews, as the first guest on the boat dove directly into a discussion about the outing of Alan Scott/Green Lantern in his and artist Nicola Scott's "Earth 2," his pleasure in being part of something that took down the Million Moms Facebook page and how he wrote the character as gay not for publicity, but to simply update the character for the new book and new continuity.

Robinson then pivoted into discussing his and artist J. Bone's new Image Comics series "The Saviors," a twist on the traditional alien invasion story, its origins in the issue of Shade he, Bone and Darwyn Cooke worked on together, and the importance of maintaining his hand in creator-owned comics even while continuing to work at DC Comics.

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