CBR TV @ CCI 2012: Bruce Boxleitner & Charlie Bean on "Tron: Uprising"

Tron himself, Bruce Boxleitner boarded the CBR yacht during Comic-Con International in San Diego, accompanied by director Charlie Bean as the two spoke on Disney XD's new "Tron: Uprising" animated series.

Bean spoke about the visual style of "Tron: Uprising," explaining that his goal is to give the series its own look and voice while remaining reverent to the source material, saying that creating an animated version of live action characters offered the opportunity to create a distinct, stylized world.

Boxleitner was more than happy to revisit the original movie that has since spawned a sequel, cartoon and numerous toys and games, expressing his surprise at the franchise's longevity, calling it "a marvelous gift" and his excitement at being able to expand the world of Tron thanks to the weekly cartoon.

The actor also discussed his past CCI experiences, having appeared at the show numerous times for his role on "Babylon 5," saying he's always been approached by people who have expressed their love of "Tron," which absolutely shocked him as he never realized how much the first movie resonated with viewers, despite the film not receiving critical acclaim or blockbuster status.

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