CBR TV @ CCI 2012: Adam Glass Talks "Suicide Squad," "Supernatural" & Violence

Writer Adam Glass stopped by the CBR yacht to speak with CBR TV about his work on DC Comics' "Suicide Squad," developing the back story of Amanda Waller in both SS and writer Justin Jordan's "Team 7" and next season's "Supernatural" developments.

After showing off his son Aidan's t-shirt which declares the young Glass as creator of Suicide Squad member Iceberg, the elder Glass explained how the pair developed the character together and introduced him to the DC Universe -- with the seasoned writer making sure his son is aware that if the story dictates it, Iceberg's going to have to be killed.

The still-evolving New 52 DCU was touched on with Glass talking about Amanda Waller, traditionally a "Suicide Squad" character, being involved in the upcoming "Team 7" title alongside Black Canary, Slade Wilson and more. As the series takes place in the past, Waller's backstory will be revealed in "Team 7," which will inform how Glass deals with the current day version of the character.

The upcoming eighth season of "Supernatural" is discussed, with Glass explaining the challenges in keeping the series' stories compelling, exploring the changing relationships between the lead characters of Sam and Dead Winchester as well as the fact that they're no longer the young up-and-coming hunters and are now more the experienced, elder statesmen of the hunting community.

Glass also speaks briefly about the current level of violence in popular media, stating that while "Suicide Squad" and "Supernatural" certainly have their share of violent content, they don't come close to what young fans experience in video games.

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