CBR TV @ CCI 2007: Levin & Sablik Talk Top Cow's Pilot Season Plans

You've been hearing about Top Cow's Pilot Season for a while now on CBR. Last week we brought an interview with Editor Rob Levin and "Ripclaw" writer Jason Aaron about the initiative, which sees Top Cow publishing six one-shots and letting the audience decide which two should get an on going series. There remained one more question though - when would the voting begin and how would it be handled?

We have that answer for you and more - Pilot Season voting will open later this year in partnership with MySpace. But, instead of us just telling you about it, why not watch Levin and VP of Marketing Filip Sablik talk about it in this CBR Boat Show video interview conducted during Comic-Con International in San Diego. Plus, they reveal that a second season of Pilot Season is already in the works.

The CBR Boat Show is sponsored by the New York Comic Con, April 18th - 20th, 2008.


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