CBR TV @ C2E2 2012: Dan Slott's "Amazing" Spider-Man Plans

"Amazing Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott spoke with Kiel Phegley during this spring's C2E2 convention where, whilst signing autographs for a steady stream of fans, Slott filled in CBR TV on all things Spidey.

Slott's enthusiasm was noticeable as he discussed a variety of things that have and will happen in this, Spider-Man's fiftieth year of publication. The writer and CBR TV discussed a number of Spidey developments, past, present and future, from Peter Parker's newfound penchant for variety in his costumed wardrobe to traveling to the "Ends of the Earth" in an effort to thwart Doc Ock's latest sinister plans, to the writer's appearance on an ASM variant cover to his top-secret plans for the #700 milestone issue.

Check out the interview -- and a complete transcript -- below!

CBR TV: Dan, we have had a line that we've seen at your booth all weekend long -- what has been the number one thing that people bring to you? I've seen a lot of "She-Hulk," is that still the perpetual?

Dan Slott: It's stacks and stacks of "Spider-Man." It is -- oh my God. It is just like [makes hand motion] -- people are bringing every "Spider-Man" book but there's always guys who bring "GLA" and "She-Hulk" -- it's a fun mix but it's all "Spider-Man."

He's going to do an autograph right now. This is how popular Dan Slott is, is that he's got people coming up -- they don't even have comics, they're just like, "We're out of money. We've got boards that we took out of comics we bought and we're getting them autographed by Dan Slott." But Dan, one of the things you've been doing in the Spider-Man run that a lot of people have been picking up on is new costumes for Peter, new powers -- lot of stuff like that. Some people are kind of shocked by this but what is the draw to you in trying to push that character forward a little bit and do some different things?

I would like to sell more toys at Hasbro, including the Spider-Man "Big Time" variant, which is now going for over $100 here at the con. [Thumbs Up]

No, honestly? It's about -- I'm having fun with Spider-Man being the scientist, Spider-Man being this thing that Uncle Ben and Aunt May always wanted for him and now that he works for Horizon Labs, he has access to all this technology, all this stuff. If you had a story with Batman and Batman went to the North Pole, you wouldn't blink an eye if suddenly Batman whipped out a Bat-snowsuit. This is the world of Spider-Man now during the "Big Time" run. He can do this! Also, it's fun for each artist who comes on the book, I get to go, "What do you want your Spider-suit to do?" You know, like, design a Spider-suit. Who would -- if you were working on "Spider-Man," wouldn't you want to design a Spider-suit? That'd be fun! It would be fun!

So, the next big arc is "The Ends of the Earth" -- I've got to say it like that -- though, the suit in that arc is going to be all about the Sinister Six, it's the return of Doc Ock. Doc Ock's got so many arms, what can you say about what is the --

Eight of them!

Eight of them! What can you say about what the trickery is of Spidey's suit that can deal with eight whole Dr. Octopus arms?

[At this point, a fan hands Slott an "Amazing Spider-Man" variant cover with Slott holding Spidey in an homage to "Amazing Fantasy" #15]

It's Dan!

[Slott hides behind the issue and makes it talk to Kiel]

[As the comic book] Hi, Kiel! This is the better Dan Slott, the one with hair.

He's like a foot taller than me! We had an issue that Brian Michael Bendis wrote a story where the Impossible Man went to the Marvel Universe and he gets to meet all the Marvel creators in the offices and every single person in this book, like Brevoort -- you know Brevoort -- Brevoort had a chiseled jaw. Tom Brevoort has never had a chiseled jaw in his life. He came out of the womb without a jaw. There's -- every single person in this comic looked amazing until you get to me and I was accurate. Every single person looked like 30 pounds lighter and then you hit me and I'm like, "Was I supposed to slip Mark Bagley a $20? What the hell?" But they made up for it with this. [Holds up variant cover] I'm like a foot taller and I've got hair. Thank you, Todd Nauck!

Thank you. [Laughs]

Well, [the suit] has a special feature where it fries up calamari and adds some lemon. [Laughs] You'll have to wait and see. I'm not going to spoil it! Come on! Spidey versus Doc Ock, everybody's going to be waiting to see this. The cool thing is once "Ends of the Earth" finishes exploding, you're going to get -- because Doc Ock's been dying all this time and you're waiting for it to get to the end, something's going to happen, you'll have to wait and see. But after that we're going to do a big Lizard arc to coincide with the "Spider-Man" movie coming out July 3. They called me up, they said who's going to be in "Spider-Man" that month and I said, "The Lizard" and they said, "We'll get on that. We'll change the movie. It was originally going to be Electro." And I said, "Thanks."

You realize that all the hardcore Electro fans are really mad at you right now. [Laughs]

You know, I hate Electro! Electro's a punk, we shot him into space. He's not coming back. He's gone. Get over it! No more Electro!

Dan, I appreciate that you're very toughly keeping protection over the spoilers on these things but I've got to say every time I've seen you interacting with somebody here at the show, they've leaned in and said, "Dan, what's up with 'Amazing Spider-Man' #700' and you've leaned in and whispered very much to them. Have you been letting things slip on your plans for #700?

Yes, you will have to read many Twitter feeds. You'll have to search for it. It's all a wild treasure map chase. I've done it on purpose. [Laughs] I've only told one person here the accurate thing. No.

But #700 is on your map that you're moving forward to?

Yes. Everything is building to #700. The "Ends of the Earth" storyline we're doing right now, the Lizard story that's coming up, we have a celebratory story for the 50th Anniversary of "Amazing Fantasy" #15 coming in August on the actual 50th Anniversary -- August 1962/August 2012. Giant story that will have resonance and also build more pieces. We have a giant Hobgoblin arc coming up, which will have a status quo change for Phil Urich. There's stuff in there, too. Then, we go into the last stories that lead you up to "Spider-Man" #700 at the end of the year and something -- recently, Axel Alonso on CBR mentioned that he's been having to contact all these other creators and explain to them you can't walk away from this, there's this big change happening in "Spider-Man" and it has to get reflected in everyone's books. Something massive is happening, there's no ignoring it. What happens in #700 -- everything I've written my entire career in comics, nothing has had this big an effect on a character than what happens in "Spider-Man" #700. Other creators will say, "This will break the Internet in half," and "This will do this" and "This will do that" -- this is for real! This is my biggest whack at the comic book piñata. I'm breaking it and all the candy's coming out. It's not going back together. Something really seismic is going to happen in "Amazing Spider-Man" #700. So, you're going to have "AvX" happen and shortly after, "Amazing Spider-Man" #700 and the Marvel Universe that you're going to see after that -- it's not a reboot. There is no reboot. But the effects of "AvX" and the event that happens in "Spider-Man" #700 are so big that you'll be looking at quite a different landscape after the seismic changes, he said, jiggling his neck fat.

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