CBR TV @ C2E2 2011: Cup o' Joe - "The Super Hero Squad Show," "Amazing Spider-Man" & More

With C2E2 descending on Chicago, we at CBR took the opportunity to represent fans who couldn't fly in to the Windy City by conducting an all-new installment of CUP O' VIDEO with Joe Quesada! Exclusively here at CBR, the Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer opens up the minds of the Marvelous, revealing the ins and outs of everything from comics to animation and beyond!

As part of our weekly Marvel coverage anchored by the always entertaining weekly TALK TO THE HAT entries with Tom Brevoort, CUP O' JOE and CUP O' VIDEO are driven by a regular string of responses to the boldest questions submitted on the CBR message boards for some one-on-one fan Q&A.

This week, Joe covers a wide range of Marvel product, fielding questions on the possibility of a "New Avengers" animated movie and whether there's "any chance we'll see Ash finally pop up at Icon or in MU proper." Moreover, the COO defends the sales of "Amazing Spider-Man" after a board member's assertion that "Spider-man is your flagship character and arguably one of the most recognizable comic characters in the world. Yet despite the movies, cartoons and merchandising, the character is consistently outside of the top ten on the monthly sales chart. How do you account for this?"

All that, plus an update on the creative processes for upcoming comics like "Alpha Flight" and cartoons like "The Super Hero Squad Show." So what are you waiting for? Hit play!

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