CBR TV: Bruce Campbell on the Sanctity of Zombie Wedding Ceremonies

Many know Bruce Campbell as the star of films and TV shows like "Evil Dead" and "Burn Notice." This month he also began a new gig, as the host of ConTV's "Last Fan Standing" game show. Some lucky fans have seen him in an entirely different role: ordained minister.

In a conversation with Jonah Weiland from the CBR Speakeasy in North Hollywood, CA, Campbell discusses becoming ordained and how he's put that to good use, helping fans renew their vows and, of course, presiding over a zombie wedding.

"I thought, 'Boy, the poor family of this married couple. This is a sacred event and they're watching their children make fun of this. They're getting married for god's sake,'" Campbell said of his initial reaction to the zombie wedding's theme. "Well the father, of the bride or the groom, he was impaled with a stake. It went in one end of him and out the other. He couldn't even sit down during the ceremony.

"'Oh, the whole family's like this...' The bride was a pregnant bride with a demon baby coming out of her belly," Campbell continued. "It was like 'Gremlins,' only worse."

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