CBR TV: Alexandre Aja Subverts Expectations with Radcliffe in 'Horns'

During this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego, CBR TV's Albert Ching welcomed film director Alexandre Aja to the world famous CBR Yacht to discuss his newest film, an adaptation of the Joe Hill novel Horns starring Daniel Radcliffe. The director talks about what a thrill it was to show off the trailer in the famed Hall H, how fans reacted to the footage and to star Daniel Radcliffe, who despite his years working on the Harry Potter franchise was making his Comic-Con debut.

Aja explains what excites him most about Hill's work, how he immediately knew he wanted to make Horns after reading a galley copy and the book's unconventional horror and tonal shifts. He also talks about the different approaches to adapting material, noting that his goal with Horns was to maintain the novel's spirit without being overly faithful to the source material, as well as how he managed to nail the tricky tone. The director also talks about working with Radcliffe, an actor who he says has worlds more experience than his 25 years, and how both audiences and the cast and crew react to him in ways that made him the perfect choice for the role, as well as how his history as Harry Potter allowed him to continually subvert expectations.

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