CBR TV: "Agent Carter" EP Breaks the Bank for Skybound's "Manifest Destiny"

Writer Chris Dingess made his CBR TV debut at WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim, speaking to Jonah Weiland about his dual roles as a writer/producer in television and writing his creator-owned comic book series "Manifest Destiny" for Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint at Image Comics. The veteran writer discussed what brought him into comics in the midst of a successful TV career in the first place, the genesis of "Manfiest Destiny" and whether it began as a TV or comics project, as well as the different approaches to period-accurate storytelling in the comic versus his work on Marvel's "Agent Carter."

Dingess & Roberts Explore History, Monsters and More in Image's "Manifest Destiny"

"It was just a random idea," Dingess said of his initial concept for "Manifest Destiny." "I didn't really know what to do with it. If I ever thought about it as a television show it would be a hard sell because it would be expensive as a pilot because there's monsters and you're outdoors a lot. But I always thought maybe as a comic where the limits were the budget -- there is no budget constraints, it's as far as your imagination can take you. I always kind of thought this would make a better property as a comic."

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