CBR TV 2013: Say Anything's Max Bemis Is BOOM!

Fans of Max Bemis' band Say Anything know that the singer is often personally confessional in his lyrics and themes.

With "Polarity," his new series from BOOM! Studios, the singer is taking that idea to a new level, using his own struggles with bi-polar disorder as a springboard for a sci-fi indie comic. Today, the publisher shared a new video where Bemis explains the connection between the two as well as this history of Say Anything's first record as part of their "I Am BOOM!" promotional campaign.

Bemis also spoke with CBR recently about the comic , saying, "I would say it's definitely more personal than the average mainstream book. When you get into the world of indie comics and slice-of-life stuff, it's almost more common for it to be fully autobiographical. But in the scheme of telling sort of an action-adventure, dark comedy-type of a story, I think it's more autobiographical than most people are willing to deal with."

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