CBR TV 2011: Top Cow's Filip Sablik is Tattooed with "Last Mortal's" Emblem

During Top Cow's launch party for "Last Mortal," Publisher Filip Sablik -- who co-writes the series with John Mahoney -- was tattooed with the title's emblem. The four issue miniseries, drawn by "Pilot Season: Forever's" Thomas Nachlik, debuts in May and tells the story of a pair of friends and petty criminals named Alec and Brian who, through an unfortunate turn of events, discover Alec is apparently immortal.

The session took three hours -- though we've compressed it down to a single minute -- and left Sablik forever branded with the "Last Mortal's" mark of a dragon devouring its own tail.

Writer Jim McCann also showed up at the party and was so taken in by Sablik's dedication to his new title, he had to get tattooed as well!

McMann's tattoo art is from his book "Return of the Dapper Men." The bar code is actually the pinstripe pattern from the Dapper Men's coats. The first serial number at the bottom is 314, the number of identical Dapper Men that rain down from the sky, and the second number, 41, belongs to one special Dapper Man in particular.

Just as the tattoo commemorating his story of children who never grow up in a world shared with robots was getting underway, Jim exclaimed, "Hey kids, you like fairy tales and tattoos?"

I certainly hope this combination sparks a trend for impressionable young readers.

The tattoo artist is Diana Munoz of DCM Tattoo. The video was shot by Caitlin Holland at Collector's Paradise in Winnetka, CA.

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