CBR TV 2009: Marc Guggenheim

The writer of "Amazing Spider-Man" and "Super Zombies," Marc Guggenheim talks to CBR TV about "Resurrection," his hit Oni Press miniseries that graduates in June to become the publisher's first full-color ongoing!

In this exclusive on-camera interview, Guggenheim discusses his fascination with post-apocalyptic stories, the influence of "Lost" and "Y: The Last Man" on "Resurrection," and the in-development film project based on the book. Guggenheim also answers the question of whether his cancelled TV series "Eli Stone" will return as a comic book, and if so, what fans might expect from such a project.

And as if that weren't enough, Oni Press has provided CBR with an exclusive 12-page preview of "Resurrection" #1, the first issue of the new series debuting June 10. You'll find the preview beneath the video!

For more "Resurrection," be sure to check out the first trade paperback collection, "Resurrection: The Insurgent Edition," on sale April 29 for just $6.00. And don't forget issue #0 on Free Comic Book Day (May 2).

For now, enjoy this preview of "Resurrection" #1, on sale June 10.

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