CBR Takes the Joker's Cake

As previously reported, devotees keeping up with the developments at The Joker's website whysoserious.com were alerted Tuesday afternoon of a new challenge. Participants were led by way of a series of games and clues to bakeries all over the U.S., where some received clown-themed cakes that amounted to far more than tasty treats. Indeed, in uniquely Joker fashion, concealed within the cakes were mobile phones and instructions to call numbers and rendezvous with Joker agents at IMAX cinemas in various cities around the country -- presumably to view a completed sequence of "The Dark Knight" that we know to have been filmed in IMAX format earlier this year.

Following the report, I was visited at my home Wednesday night by a nameless delivery service whose representative gave to me a boxed cake. Some of the package's contents differ from those reported on other sites. As such, I have documented my findings thusly:

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