One of the big additions to the site since the relaunch this past Wednesday was the addition of CBR Reviews, featuring a dedicated team of reviewers who each week will check in to share their thoughts on recent releases. The team consists of Timothy Callahan, Kevin Church, James Hunt and Greg McElhatton and they've covered a wide variety of books thus far.

Want to know what they thought of "Secret Invasion" #1? Well, both Timothy and Kevin check in with their thoughts and more different they couldn't be. James Hunt shares his thoughts on Zeb Wells' "Amazing Spider-Man" #555 right here. On the manga side of things, Greg McElhatton checks out Dark Horse's "Translucent" and likes what he sees. On the DC side, Timothy gave "Action Comics" #863 four stars and says, "'Scalped' is the best Vertigo comic in recent memory," while he gave Image Comics' "Casanova" #13 the coveted five star review.

There's that and plenty more in the new CBR Reviews section. Or, check out reviews from our individual reviewers by following the links below.

Are you a publisher who'd like their book considered for review? Drop an e-mail to CBR Reviews Manager Augie De Blieck Jr. to learn how you can send your books to our team.

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