CBR Readers Rank the 52 DC Comics Relaunch Titles

Last week, DC Comics wrapped its massive rollout of 52 new #1s for the comic series that will anchor the DCU line starting in September. And as soon as the last batch of comic titles and creators had hit the web, CBR News went to you, our readers, for your take on which comics seemed like the best bets based on the first round of information available.

The survey asked how high your interest was for each new comic series on a scale that ran from "Absolutely Purchasing" to "Not Buying At All." While not by any means a scientific survey, we think the results provided by 10,181 fans serve as a strong barometer for how the dedicated comics readership is feeling about the DC relaunch at its outset. And of course, over the next several months opinions may change on the titles based on what creators and editors have to say in the press and what new art and information comes out of DC. But for now, let's dive in head first to see which books came out on top and which titles may need that extra PR boost before September.

Unsurprisingly, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's "Justice League" nabbed the most interest with 57.7% of all respondents saying they'd absolutely be buying the flagship title when it ships at the end of August alongside "Flashpoint" #5, although the marquee creative team and new direction for DC's Big Seven also seemed to be one of the most divisive titles as far fewer people voted in the middle of the range. The top five "Absolutely" landing books were rounded out by "Action Comics" (55.9%), "Green Lantern" (43.5%), "Batman" (47%) and "Aquaman" (34.5%). This should also come as no surprise as those titles either exemplify the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach DC has taken to the most profitable, popular elements of its line or contain contributions by DC's top-selling writers Johns and Grant Morrison.

On the flip side, interest appeared to be lowest for "I, Vampire" by Joshua Fialkov and Andrea Sorrentino which garnered 68.5% in the "Not At All" category. With a franchise that hasn't carried its own comic since it headlined "House of Mystery" in 1981 and a writer who, despite garnering strong reviews and an Eisner nomination this year is still largely an unknown quantity amongst DC superhero readers, that result may not be the most shocking. The "Not At All" category was rounded out strongest by "OMAC" (66.9%), "Voodoo" (64.2%), "Hawk & Dove" (63.8%) and "Sgt. Rock And The Men of War" (61.7%). Again, the collection of titles represents concepts which have scarcely carried their own titles for long -- at least in the modern age -- and creators including Dan Didio and Rob Liefeld whose proclivity for drawing the ire of internet fandom may be a contributing factor more so than any actual sales potential.

Check out the full results below, and stay tuned to CBR News in the weeks ahead for more on the upcoming DC Comics relaunch.

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