CBR Plays "Prototype"

Tendrils make their way across New York City as dozens of masked military agents seek their quarry. A young fugitive named Alex Mercer stalks the city's rooftops, searching for the truth behind the virus that granted him mysterious powers and spawned a twenty-first century apocalypse.

This is the story of "Prototype", a third person open world Action-Adventure developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Activision. "Prototype" will be available June 9, 2009 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Games for Windows and is rated M for Mature.

In "Prototype" you play Alex Mercer, an amnesiac with the ability to manipulate his own DNA to change shape. This allows you to sculpt your limbs into offensive weapons, and disguise yourself as fallen opponents. Mercer also has great strength and agility, able to quickly travel through town in a gymnastic style similar to Parkour.

The storyline in "Prototype" is experienced through attacking and consuming specific opponents who are somehow involved with the "Black Watch," the organization behind the virus and Mercer's powers. When Mercer consumes an opponent, he acquires their memory, and a story point appears on a neural map referred to in the game as the "Web of Intrigue." This map also provides several side adventures. Players should expect twelve hours of gameplay if they decide not to attempt the side adventures.

We played though levels 1-1 & 1-2 of "Prototype" and found it to be an over-the-top experience. In addition to slaughtering the military, infected city dwellers, and overgrown mutants, you eventually have the power to throw helicopters and destroy buildings. This is the game you play to vent your anger after an aggravating day of work.

Radical has combined the best elements of their previous successes - the open-world environment of "The Simpsons' Hit & Run" and the physics and breakables from "Hulk: Ultimate Destruction" - to make what will hopefully be the first release of a terrific franchise.

For more on "Prototype," check out the trailer and additional screenshots below.

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