CBR on the Spider-Man movie franchise's Brand New Day

As reported by Mike Fleming and Nikki Finke yesterday and subsequently made official in statements by the various involved parties -- which you've no doubt already seen thanks to your spider-sense and/or RSS reader -- the Spider-Man movie franchise as we know it has ceased to exist. With director Sam Raimi out after script and deadline problems, Sony Pictures is moving forward without Raimi and his recurring cast, including Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst (not to mention John Malkovich), using a reboot script by writer James Vanderbilt that puts the Wall-Crawler back in high school. But reports are coming in so fast and furious, you might feel like you've been left back.

Fortunately, our CBR compadre Kiel Phelgey has been all over this story like webbing on a gang of old-timey bank robbers. In his initial piece he gives the full story of the move, and in this ambitious follow-up he rounds up all the facts, rumors, speculation, known unknowns, theories about what happens next, and so on, contextualizing the fate of the franchise by invoking everyone from Brian Bendis to Blake Lively to Batman. The two pieces'll tell you everything you need to know. (You'll have to get your dose of "Spidey 3 was my favorite because it had a bunch of fun and silly parts in addition to the self-serious hero worship you got from the first two flicks" contrarianism from me, though.)

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