<b>CBR Mailer: Round 5 Voting Open, Choose the next Comic Book Idol</b>

Hey Everybody,

Here we are! It's the final round! Our final contestants - Mr. Jason Masters from South Africa and Mr. Carlos Rodriguez from Spain - have submitted their final round entries. Our find round judges - Mike Wieringo, Jeff Mariotte, B. Clay Moore and Joe Nozemack - have all left their comments. The only thing left to do is VOTE!

The winner of this round will be crowned the next Comic Book Idol! They'll win the big prize package, which includes a trip to San Diego for Comic-Con International, participation in an upcoming anthology from Image Comics, a pin-up assignment for IDW Publishing, plus Mike Carlin will personally hand the winner's portfolio to editors at DC Comics for their review. This is the most important round in the entire contest and we need everybody's participation.

How do I vote? First, you must be a registered user of the CBR Forums and logged in. Then, click on the "ROUND 5: Vote Here!" thread in the CBI Forum:

Then simply cast your vote. Remember, anything can happen as voting pattens for our contestants have been all over the place, so don't forget to support your favorite artist. You have until Noon Easter Time Thursday to get your vote in.

Be sure to stop by the Comic Book Idol mini-site for all the latest news on the contest. In the coming days we'll have interviews with some of our contestants and more announcements.

That's it for now. We'll send out another mailer tomorrow to announce our winner and more fun stuff. This is getting exciting! In less than 24 hours we'll know who the next Comic Book Idol will be!


Jonah WeilandExecutive Producer, http://ComicBookResources.com

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