DC Comics released earlier this week its solicitations for the month of July, which just so happened to include details on the first issue of the publisher's highly anticipated universe-spanning maxi-series "Blackest Night."

But that's not the only title superstar scribe Geoff Johns is driving these days.

With two issues of "Green Lantern," the three-issue miniseries "Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps" and the penultimate issue of "The Flash: Rebirth" also slated for July, CBR News thought the timing couldn't be more perfect to launch our new bi-monthly feature:


The writer has agreed to tackle 10 questions every two months, questions from CBR readers, and his first set of answers will arrive next week just in time for the release of "Justice Society of America" #26, his last issue on the bestselling series, and the Free Comic Book Day exclusive "Blackest Night" #0.

Now we just need the questions.

If you have something you're dying to ask Geoff Johns, now's your chance.

Just drop us a line by next Monday - April 27 -- at 5:00PM PST, and we'll pick the best ten, run them by Johns and share his answers next week before Free Comic Book Day.

Then we'll do it all again in June, when we can talk about "Adventure Comics" and "Superman: Secret Origin."

Up, up and away!

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