CBR Goes Clubbing with "Heroes" Cast

Los Angeles night club Cinespace was the place to be for "Heroes" fans this past Monday night as legendary LA retailer Golden Apple Comics, alongside TV Guide, brought out the stars to celebrate this week's release of four "Heroes" TV Guide covers. Drawn by superstar comic book artists Tim Sale, Michael Turner, Jim Lee and Phil Jimenez, each cover depicts one of the major storylines currently running through new episodes of NBC's "Heroes." While the signing didn't start till 8:15, fans started lining up early in hopes of being one of the first 100 guests who would be receiving a copy of the Tim Sale cover, which comes with an exclusive "Heroes" comic book containing several of the peripheral online comics.

This wasn't the first time Golden Apple hosted such an event, as they have been having free screenings of "Heroes" at Cinespace since the start of the second season. Though they've had guests such as James Kyson Lee (Ando) drop by for a visit, Monday was the first time Golden Apple had such a bevy of stars including artist Tim Sale, Dana Davis (Monica Dawson) and Jack Coleman (Noah Bennett AKA H.R.G.). Fans weren't the only people to turn out, as three camera crews were in attendance to get some face time with the stars, including Blair Butler from G4's own "Heroes" Post Show.

As it was a chilly night, the good folks at Cinespace let the line enter early. Fans got to talk amongst themselves, check out each of the four TV Guide covers that had been blown up and placed on easels, and watch as Tim Sale signed some items that would be given away later that night in a free raffle. Jack Coleman arrived late on the scene as he had actually just left shooting the much talked about alternate ending for "Heroes," the ending that may have to be used if the writers' strike ends up cutting this season short. Dana Davis soon joined the others at the signing table and the line began to move as fans were handed their comic and TV Guide to be signed before heading into the screening area and grabbing a good spot to watch the latest episode of "Heroes."

The show began and cheers could be heard by those still waiting in line, which left them with an interesting dilemma: to wait in line for an autograph or to find out what was happening on one of their favorite shows. During commercial breaks, raffles were held for signed comics, coffee mugs and posters. The crown jewels of the night were a signed, oversized version of Tim Sale's TV Guide cover and a signed edition of the "Heroes" hardcover comics collection, which shipped this week.

"Heroes" TV Guide covers

Some technical difficulties did hit as sound was lost, which led to fans making up their own lines for Mohinder, Bob and Parkman. Needless to say, laughter ensued and fans were quite happy that the scene soon switched to Hiro's journey; as then they had subtitles.

For those wanting to join in with other "Heroes" fans for a screening, Golden Apple and Cinespace will be skipping next Monday but return on the November 19 and continuing onward until there are no more new episodes. Admission is free and raffles are held during every commercial break for some great prizes.

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