CBR Forums Update: New Server, "Countdown" Forum

When was the last time you visited the CBR Forums?

If it was in the last six months, well, we're sorry.

In the last six months we have been experiencing intermittent troubles with the server that hosted the CBR Forums and in the past two months it got progressively worse. We did a lot of investigating, bought new processors, made numerous changes, but ultimately it came down to the mother board on the old server being faulty and the only way to fix it was to pull the server and take it offline until it could be fixed or replaced. Obviously we couldn't have the forums offline entirely, so a new server was purchased.

Last week we installed the new server sporting an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.44 Ghz processor, 8 Gigs of memory and some damned fast hard drives. This 64 bit machine is blazing fast!

Since we finished configuring the new server Monday night, we've seen an explosion of activity on the forums. All the intermittent troubles we had caused our posting averages to go down, but they skyrocketed right back up with the new server. Tuesday we saw 6309 new posts, slightly above our old average from six months ago. Wednesday that number climbed to 6992. Thursday was even better with 7346 new posts, the second busiest posting day in the history of CBR. Naturally Friday came down a bit, to 6109 new posts, but overall it was a great week with some very promising numbers.

With things stable once again, we invite lost members and new members to join in on the discussion. We have forums that cover a wide range of topics. Are you enjoying DC's new weekly series "Countdown?" Well, then check out the all new Countdown forum. Maybe Marvel's "World War Hulk" event is more your speed? No worries, we've got you covered with our World War Hulk forum. We've got a number of DC Comics and Marvel Comics related forums, as well as forums to cover Image Comics as well as Independently produced comics.

But the CBR Forums aren't just about comics – they're filled with all sorts of forums related to pop culture and more, whether it be our CBR Community forum, the Comic Book Rumbles forum where you can debate super hero battles, forums dedicated to our various columnists past and present, a very active forum dedicated to the worlds of TV and Film, the official Hellboy forum and many, many more.

If you've never posted on the CBR Forums before and don't know where to start, we'll give you a helping hand. First up, you'll need to register, but never fear – registration is absolutely free and we do not resell your information to anyone else. Once you've finished registering, why don't you stop by the first timers thread on CBR's Community forum and introduce yourself. The CBR Community is one of the warmest and most inviting communities out there and we're sure you'll find your new digital home an easy one to navigate in short order.

So, there you have it – the CBR Forums are better than ever and set to get even better (i.e. yeah, we're going to start looking into adding the ever popular chat room back to the forums soon). Register today and join in on the fun.


Jonah Weiland

Executive Producer, CBR

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