CBR Forum's "Civil War" Q&A with Tom Brevoort

For a little over a month now, Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has been talking with fans about the upcoming "Civil War" event right here on CBR's Civil War Forum. You the fans have had a chance to ask him questions about the series and he's very kindly spent time answering those questions. Today, we present to you a best-of selection of questions asked of Tom over the past month. An extra special heaping of thanks from all of us here at CBR to Tom for spending time with CBR's dedicated readers. I know they appreciate it, as do we.

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Allright, enough stalling. Without any further ado we present to you the CBR Forums Tom Brevoort "Civil War" Q&A.

CBR Member: Dooby Doo!

Tom will any good come for the New Warriors?

Depends on how you define "good", I expect. But the Warriors will certainly be getting more play than they've seen in a number of years, in books like "She-Hulk" #8 and "Civil War: Front Line" as well as the main series, so there's that.

CBR Member: Tony Starkz

Will history between certain villains (eg. Cap and Zemo) have any effect or reference in the story at all?


CBR Member: Nick Kal

Will the tie-ins seriously have no affect on the mini at all? If so, why even have tie-ins? Will the tie-ins still be understandable if someone doesn't buy "Civil War?"" Like if I just wanted to read "X-Factor," is the "Civil War" tie-in going to confuse me?

If you're doing any sort of large universe-wide storyline, you're inevitably going to need more than 22 pages a month to get everything in. And even the fastest creative teams can't produce much more than that a month. Hence, the tie-ins. But we'll try to make each tie-in stand-alone enough that they can be read independently -- though we're always going to be hoping we can interest you in checking out other stuff that's going on.

CBR Member: dingo

Will any heroes leave the U.S.A. as a result of events in "Civil War?"


CBR Member: dingo

Will the events in "Civil War" make anybody give up being a hero?

"Civil War: Front Line" #2

CBR Member: dingo

Who will be the most conflicted character?

It's a toss-up, but today my answer is Spider-Man.

CBR Member: dingo

What are you using to measure the success (aside from sales) of the "Civil War" event?

I don't know, number of villagers with torches and pitchforks?

CBR Member: Dark Soul # 7

Will any team break up because of "Civil War?"


CBR Member: Dark Soul # 7

Is there any real bad guy in this whole thing and will there be any truly winning side?

There'll definitely be a winning side.

CBR Member: Iron Syndicate

What of Nick Fury? How big is his role in the coming times of trouble?

Fury's underground at this point, but his presence will be felt in "Civil War" #2.

CBR Member: Iron Syndicate

Black Goliath - a relatively obscure character that was prominently featured on the cover to "Civil War: Front Line" #1 - how important is this character to the story? Any chance of mentioning any other obscure characters with key-roles in "Civil War?"

Goliath (we've stopped calling him Black Goliath by and large) will be a player in "Civil War," as will any number of other characters in the Marvel U. When we say this is a universe-wide storyline, we mean it, so you'll be seeing some folks that have been out of the spotlight for awhile. I don't really want to give a whole list here, though, because, hey, I may need them to tease other questions down the line.

CBR Member: Iron Syndicate

Any chance of seeing Giant-Man and Wasp in "Civil War?" I don't believe they've been seen since "Disassembled."

Yes, Hank and Jan are both in "Civil War," and Hank's going to be showing up in "New Avengers" shortly. Also, both characters will be featured in "Beyond" this summer, a project we really haven't talked about yet.

CBR Member: dingo

Who will be least affected by CW?

The Ultimate universe.

CBR Member: Rahul

While "Annihilation" is another event taking place far far away, will its effects be felt in this event?

There'll be one or two touch-points to "Annihilation" during "Civil War" (for example, in the preview pages, Speedball makes reference to Nova going back into space, which is a reference to "Annihilation"), but overall these are completely separate storylines that won't cross over into one another while they're happening. But the events of one could impact on the fallout of the other down the line.

CBR Member: TheSentryLives

My question is will The Sentry actually be a bit more vocal and in action during "Civil War" since it seems that now while during his tenure in the New Avengers he really has been kind of hiding in the background saying a few words and then nothing else.

Well, the Sentry's been busy in his limited series, and Brian's been deliberately giving Paul Jenkins room to play in. But he'll be a presence in the "Collective" arc that runs through "New Avengers" #16-20, and he's also be a player in "Civil War."

CBR Member: StoneGold

Is "Sentinel Squad ONE" going to tie into "Civil War" at all? What with the Stark-designed Sentinel program, and its apparent goal to be a government-controlled super squad, it seems like it should play a fairly large role, assuming they survive their mini-series.

The Sentinels are definitely in the picture during "Civil War." Don't know how much of a role they'll be playing in the main book--it's more likely that you'll see more of them in the "Civil War: X-Men" limited series.

CBR Member: StoneGold

Is this going to devolve down to one big, everyone vs. everyone else fight? And I ask this mostly because I want to see Captain America leading the X-Men.

I don't know if "devolve" is exactly the term I'd use, but if you're looking for hero versus hero action, "Civil War's" going to be your one-stop shopping center 'round about issue #3 and thereafter.

CBR Member: xakko

Can you let us know to what degree the other writers have been involved or briefed with regards to "Civil War?" I'm especially concerned with how it will affect Joss Whedon's plans for Colossus in "Astonishing X-Men," since in one of the released images it shows him facing down his teammates Cyclops and Wolverine.

Depends on the writer, I expect. But Joss joined us briefly at our last creative retreat, and was helpful in blocking out a climactic scene in the last issue that we'd all been wrangling over for about two hours. So, he's at least that aware of what's going on.

CBR Member: Kirayoshi

Given the fact that Matt Murdock's current prison status resulted largely from his secret identity being revealed to the public, how much impact will "Civil War" have on Daredevil, and vice versa? Will the Superhero Registration play a factor when/if Matt finally has his day in court?

Daredevil will be appearing in "Civil War," and the events of "Daredevil" will have an impact, and vice versa (though no dedicated tie-in.)

CBR Member: Kirayoshi

What's Rachel Summers' take on all this? Is it possible that the Superhero Registration Act was one of the main steps down the slippery slope that lead to "Days of Future Past?"

Wait and see. But she's in issue #1.

CBR Member: Porcelain

From the mutant race point of view & seeing superheroes as a group, are we going to see any realistic activism from exterior groups like Amnesty International regarding discrimination?

I think you'll maybe see the issue raised, but the question of a super hero registration act isn't one of discrimination -- it's more a question of whether unsupervised, unvetted, untrained people with devastating personal abilities should be permitted to mask their faces and take to the streets to mete out vigilante justice of their own making.

CBR Member: Porcelain

How will the act effect non-Americans?

Depends on how the other nations of the world react. And certainly foreign-born superhumans operating within the U.S. will be subject to the act.

CBR Member: Porcelain

Will Americans no longer resident be affected directly?

That's a good question. Guess it depends whether anybody comes looking for them, or whether they return to the U.S., or whether certain countries choose to extradite.

CBR Member: Porcelain

Is the UN going to back this? Or is it being side-stepped?

The Act is U.S. legislation, so about all the U.N. could do would be to issue a condemnation if a majority of the member nations felt that way about it. But who's to say that they do?

CBR Member: Dark Soul # 7

Can we expect a major character death?

You can expect death, certainly, but that's about all I'm going to say.

CBR Member: Young Avenger

Will Tigra show up during "Civil War?"

Almost certainly. She was in one scene already that got cut out for space.

CBR Member: Young Avenger

Will "Front Line" give us the point of view of regular people about the registration act? Will the point of views be limited to just the people in New York?

"Civil War: Front Line" will have multiple points of view, from heroes to normal people to villains -- all sorts of characters and stories and events will be covered. We'll definitely see perspectives from outside of New York.

CBR Member: Will.S

Are the chances of Speedball surviving pretty high? I ask because I'm already dreading that Joey Q's going through with killing him (although he kids a lot, too). He should be able to survive given his kinetic powers, which would send him pretty far.

Who can say. But I will tell you that at least one character survives that blast -- though when we're done with them, they'll probably wish they hadn't.

CBR Member: twilight

Will Hawkeye still be in limbo when "Civil War" comes to town or will he be involved in some capactity?

Hawkeye's dead, isn't he?

CBR Member: Will.S

Seeing as how the New Warriors act as the catalyst to "Civil War," will any of the surviving members take the blame?

See "She-Hulk" #8.

CBR Member: mattspideyrocks!

This is something I think almost everyone wants to know so can you tell us exactly how many different titles and tie-ins are going to be involved in "Civil War?"

We ought to have a full checklist ready for circulation shortly -- just firming up the last piece or two. In terms of separate books, aside from "Civil War" proper there'll be "Front Line," "Civil War: X-Men" and "Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways." There'll be tie-in issues of most of the primary Marvel Universe books, including, but not limited to, "New Avengers," "Amazing Spider-Man," "Fantastic Four," "She-Hulk," "Iron Man," "Captain America," "Ms. Marvel," "X-Factor and "Thunderbolts." There'll also be two or three new series that'll start up during "Civil War," with their first issue or two as direct tie-ins.

CBR Member: TheWolfOfAsgard

Is Thor returning during "Civil War?"

Wait and see. But his hammer seems to be in "Fantastic Four" #536-537...

CBR Member: Cayman

Wouldn't "Civil War" be the perfect opportunity to kill off Triathalon?

Why would I want to do that? Besides, first you'd have to spell his name right.

CBR Member: Young Avenger

How much lead time did the creative team get on "Civil War?" I don't want the series to suffer from delays.

We've been working on it for a while now, and we certainly don't want there to be delays either. But on any project of this scale, there almost inevitably are delays of one sort or another -- and we'd like to avoid having three pencilers and seven inkers on any issue of "Civil War." So, it'll all come down to how well we've planned it and whether anything unexpected happens -- if Millar is struck by lightning, or McNiven is run down by an irate Alpha Flight fan, that's going to impact on the schedule.

CBR Member: Iron Syndicate

One thing on my mind is the role of villains in "Civil War." They are already outlaws, so why would any of them register is beyond me.

Most villains are defacto registered, in that they've served jail time, so the authorities know their real identities.

CBR Member: Iron Syndicate

How far do you have the repercussions of "Civil War" planned? A year ahead? Two? More?

Depends on what you mean by planned. We know where "Civil War" ends, and those situations set us up for a solid year's worth of stuff, and some elements that will go for 18 months or more. But all of it is fluid, just as "Decimation" was, just as "Avengers Disassembled" was. Which is to say that we knew the set-ups we'd have in place, and we had an idea of the later payoffs down the line, but we hadn't concretely decided on how much time would pass between them -- and in certain cases, new ideas and opportunities presented themselves that took the story in a different direction.

CBR Member: TheSentryLives

Will Quicksilver (after the "Son Of M" series is concluded) be around for "Civil War" or are their other plans for him?

Depends on if he comes out of "Son" in one -- oh, the heck with it. Pietro will be turning up next in the "Civil War" tie-in issues of "X-Factor."

CBR Member: The Purple Skull

Will the idea that the government funded super-villains in the past (from "Marvel Knights Spider-Man" #1-12) be touched upon in "Civil War?"

Maybe; but me, I'd be sceptical of anything that Norman Osborn ever told Spidey.

CBR Member: The Purple Skull

Will "Civil War" affect the heroes overseas? I'm hoping to see the likes of Sabra and Vanguard get involved.

Oddly enough, you'll see a lot of one of them during "Civil War."

CBR Member: lordlad

Will the Illuminati have another gathering after "Civil War," and will Namor be there and laugh his heart out and say "now who's right?"

Namor's already saying that to anybody who'll listen. Which, in his home town, is mostly fish.


How will "Civil War" affect Luke Cage and his newly produced family?

Profoundly; see "New Avengers" #22.

CBR Member: Dermie

Will Living Lightning turn up in "Civil War?" Or is he still off in space at the Asteroid Base? (in which case, would he turn up in "Annihilation?")

He hasn't turned up so far, but you never know. Last week I said the Great Lakes Avengers hadn't turned up yet, and now they have.

CBR Member: The Purple Skull

As mentioned briefly in "New Avengers" #7, will a new superhero team be formed in Chicago, or was just a throwaway comment?

Throwaway comment. Or was it--?!

CBR Member: old_schoola

Is this related anyway to the Mutant Registration act that was featured in X-titles in the late '80s?

Not directly, no, though it can be seen as the latest iteration of similar legislation.

CBR Member: old_schoola

Will Jessica Jones play a role in "Civil War?" Will we also get perspectives on it from people like Ben Urich and J. Jonah Jameson?

Jessica Jones will be appearing in "New Avengers" #22 during "Civil War," and Ben Urich is one of the main players in "Civil War: Front Line." You'll see Jameson, too, in a couple of books.

CBR Member: Nobbel

What's the difference between "Civil War" and "Civil War: Frontline?"

"Civil War" is the main book, telling the spine of the story.

"Civil War: FRONT LINE is a ten-issue, twice-monthly, 32-pages-no-ads limited series detailing the effects of "Civil War" across the Marvel Universe. In essence, rather than doing a whole bunch of "Civil War" side-books, we're opting to do one.

CBR Member: Matt Adler

Joe talked a bit about wanting to restore something of an "outlaw" status to Marvel's heroes; is "Civil War" partly a means to that end?

Not quite, but the story came out of that direction of thinking.

CBR Member: Matt Adler

There have been many disastrous things that have happened due to superhuman involvement over the course of Marvel Universe history; obviously you're doing this storyline now because this is when you thought of it, but will there be any explanation within the context of the story as to why the government is taking this step just now? Or is this something where you just got to suspend your disbelief a bit more?

I think this was covered in the "Illuminati"Special. You're talking about a time in which a number of massive events happened one atop the other: Magneto's near-destruction of Manhattan, "Avengers: Disassembled," "Decimation" and so forth. So there's a heightened sense of paranoia and concern, and also a feeling that perhaps with the number of mutants being so drastically reduced, now is the time when you could more easily and effectively legislate on this issue.

CBR Member: Matt Adler

Will the villains get organized in response to the events of "Civil War?"

The villains will get organized because of "Civil War."

CBR Member: lordlad

What's this "Civil War: Opening Shot" sketchbook that's given out free? Is it similiar to the "House of M" sketchbook where it is or character design sketch and nothing else or will it have some actual content inside?

It's a free giveaway previewing "Civil War." And it's got actual content inside it (though character design sketches are actual content -- non-content would be sixteen blank pages.)

CBR Member: Nobbel

So, what can I expect to find in "Front Line?" I still don't get who will be playing roles in "Front Line" and what it is about, (just side stories?) so I'm doubting about ordering it or not.

Each issue of "Front Line" will have multiple stories featuring characters from across the Marvel U. Among the folks you'll see in the first three issues are Iron Man, Spider-Man, Prodigy, Firestar, Mister Fantastic, Battlestar, Solo, SHIELD, the "New Warriors survivor" and a few surprises.

CBR Member: firestarfan

Will anyone in the Marvel Universe ever actually stay dead?

No, never.

Got a question for Tom? Ask it right here on CBR's Civil War Forum.

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