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CBLDF: Trial Date Set in Gordon Lee Case, All-Star San Diego Auction, San Diego Plans

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CBLDF: Trial Date Set in Gordon Lee Case, All-Star San Diego Auction, San Diego Plans

Official Press Release

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has learned that a date of September 12 has been set to begin the trial of the Gordon Lee case. The trial is scheduled to begin just four days following the hearing on the motions filed by CBLDF counsel. To date, the Fund has spent in excess of $30,000 defending this case and anticipates needing to spend at least that much to properly wage the trial.

Since January the Fund has waged an aggressive defense of Lee, who faces two counts of the felony charge “Distribution of Material Depicting Nudity or Sexual Conduct” (OCGA §16-12-81), a law that bans the unsolicited delivery of any content depicting nudity to any person in the state of Georgia and carries a penalty of one to three years in prison and/or fines of up to $10,000. One of the two counts is for handing the comic to the alleged victim, and the other is for handing the comic to an alleged John or Jane Doe. Lee is also charged with five counts of violating the misdemeanor of “Distribution of Material Harmful to Minors” (OCGA §16-12-103). He is charged with three discrete counts of violating the law for handing a single copy of the comic book to the alleged victim. He is also charged with two counts for allegedly giving the comics to John or Jane Doe. Last May, Alan Begner and Paul Cadle, attorneys representing Lee for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, filed four motions challenging these counts.

CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein says, “Our legal team has been working hard in anticipation of a trial, and now that we have a date on the horizon they are moving full steam ahead in preparing our case. We’re optimistic about our arguments going in.”

“That said,” Brownstein adds, “the late summer trial date places even greater urgency on our fundraising initiatives this summer. The strategy we’re working from is aggressive, and a first rate, aggressive legal strategy is very expensive to maintain. This summer, more so than any other time since I’ve been at the Fund, we need the support of the comics community. We need generous bids at our San Diego and Wizard World auctions, we need people to sign up and renew their memberships, and we need supporters who believe in the importance of the work we’re doing to increase their support. We have the brainpower at our disposal to wage a first rate defense, but now, more than ever, we need the money to pay for that defense. This is war time, and we need the combined support of the professional, retail, publishing, and fan communities to help us wage this war properly.”


Original art by Will Eisner, Jim Lee, Dave Sim, Dave Gibbons, Craig Thompson, J. Scott Campbell; an original Alan Moore Swamp Thing script; a portfolio of top-notch Sandman art; artifacts from MirrorMask; and rare editions, such as the uncirculated Graphitti Designs signed hardcover edition of Watchmen are just a few of the highlights of the CBLDF benefit auction, happening this weekend at Comic-Con International: San Diego. The auction will be held at the San Diego Convention Center in Room 8 at 7:00 PM, Saturday night. For descriptive highlights and selected graphics please visit

“We’re extremely grateful to the generous artists, companies, and individuals who have contributed so many fantastic items to this auction,” says CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein. “With the Lee case going to trial at the end of the summer, we’re lucky to have such a variety of amazing items to raise money for the Fund. We hope people bid generously, because their contributions at this auction will make a serious difference.”

For those unable to attend the convention, the Fund will be accepting sealed bids until 3:00 PM Pacific Time on Saturday, July 16. Sealed bids can be sent to, and the subject line must include the words “Sealed Bid.” Sealed bids must include a valid credit card number and current phone number. Non-winning bids will be shredded immediately following the auction, and the source e-mails deleted.

Please continue to check for additions to this auction list donated at the show. Items to be auctioned are:

1. Carlos D’Anda, Galactus, original drawing from the Iron Chef Gelatometti challenge

2. Shaun Surface, Harry Lampert Memorial Flash sketch

3. Craig Thompson, Blankets CD Album Cover original art

4. Alan Moore, Swamp Thing #51, “Home Free” original script

5. Dave Gibbons, “The Sandman” original drawing

6. John Totleben, Swamp Thing original drawing

7. Travis Charest, “Support the CBLDF or Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!” original drawing

8. Mike Carey & Peter Gross, Lucifer #22, page 9 original art

9. Fantastic Four movie poster, signed by Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, and Julian McMahon

10. Batman #608 RRP Edition, signed by Jim Lee

11. Jeff Parker, Batgirl color drawing

12. C. Scott Morse, Batman: Room Full of Strangers alternative cover original art

13. Jackson Guice, DC Spotlight #8, p. 23

14. J.J. Kirby, Iron Man, from the Iron Chef Gelatometti Challenge

15. David Mack, “Death,” original watercolor painting

16. Steve Lieber, On The Road to Perdition: Sanctuary, p. 75

17. Mike Weiringo, Tellos #2, Page 3

18. Jon Bean Hastings, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac original drawing, signed by Bean & Jhonen Vasquez

19. Ale Garza, Iron Man, original drawing from the Iron Chef Gelatometti challenge

20. Captain Victory Promotional Print, signed by Jack Kirby

21. Uncle Scrooge #195, NM, signed by Carl Barks

22. J. Scott Campbell, Wolverine & Wonder Woman gutting a Sentinel, original drawing from the Iron Chef Gelatometti challenge

23. Bone One Volume Edition Hardcover, with Jeff Smith Commission

24. Nelson Blake, Majestic, original drawing from the Iron Chef Gelatometti challenge

25. Will Eisner, The Spirit #5, original pencil study for cover, with Spirit #5 comic book

26. All About P’Gell HC, signed by Will Eisner 164/500

27. Spirit drawing from Eisner Memorial, signed by guests including: John Byrne, Peter David, Ann Eisner, Harlan Ellison, Jerry Robinson, Jeff Rovin, Michael Uslan, Denis Kitchen, Scott McCloud, Jackie Estrada, Bob Schreck, Jim Warren, Jon B Cooke, Nick Barucci, David Scroggy, Sandy Schecter, Maggie Thompson, Byron Preiss, Clifford Meth, Ron Goulart, and more

28. Will Eisner at Drawing Board oversized photograph from Eisner Memorial

29. Shaun Surface, Will Eisner Memorial Spirit Sketch

30. Will Eisner, “Upper Space,” original pencil study

31. Jim Lee, Wolverine and Wonder Woman gutting a Sentinel, from the Iron Chef Gelatometti challenge

32. Watchmen, limited, uncirculated Graphitti Designs Hardcover, signed by Moore & Gibbons

33. John Picaccio, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen art print, AP 3/10

34. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, volume 2 #1, signed by Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill

35. Mark Brooks, Hellgirl, original drawing from the Iron Chef Gelatometti challenge

36. Hellboy, limited print, signed by Mike Mignola, P/C

37. Mike Mignola & Randy Bowen, Hellboy Museum Edition Statue #1140/2000

38. Superman #204, RRP Edition, signed by Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee

39. Carlos D’anda, Hellgirl, original drawing from the Iron Chef Gelatometti challenge

40. Michael Zulli, “Delirium” original painting, framed

41. Brian Stelfreeze, “Death” original painting, framed

42. Death sketch lot 1 featuring art from Slave Labor Graphics artists Christopher, of Ghoulie Boys and Roman Dirge of Lenore; also featuring Sandman Inker and Deadworld Artist Vince Locke.

43. Mike Dringenberg, “Sayat” original painting

44. Sandman sketch lot 2 featuring “Dream King” from Bone creator Jeff Smith and Sandman by Charles Vess (Sandman 19 and 75).

45. MirrorMask Pitch Book

46. Mirror Mask Pin – Prototype

47. Sandman artists commission lot 1, featuring Sandman and Death by Gary Amaro (Sandman 56), and Sandman by Bryan Talbot (Sandman 30, 36, 51-56, and the Sandman Special).MirrorMask Replica – prototype

48. Orbiting Giants’ Key Prototype

49. MirrorMask shooting script

50. MirrorMask CBLDF Welcome Party, Commemorative poster

51. Sandman artists commission lot 2, featuring Sandman by Gary Amaro Sandman 56) and Sandman by John Watkiss (Sandman 39 and 52).

52. Dave Sim, “Swoon,” original drawing

53. Sandman commissions lot featuring Sandman by Greg Ruth (Freaks of the Heartland, Conan) and Death by Peter Gross (The Books of Magic, Chosen).

54. Snow, Glass Apples limited edition chapbook, signed by Neil Gaiman

55. Sandman and Matthew pen and Ink commission by Teri S. Wood (Wandering Star).

56. Jon Bean Hastings, Comix Thingies, 5 drawing lot

57. Shaun Surface, Wonder Woman pencil drawing (note: distressed corners)

58. Andy Lee, “Dragon” original painting

59. The Many Moods of Phil Hale, hardcover book, signed with original drawing

60. Ronn Sutton, Janet Heatherington, jam drawing, Elvira and Batwoman, Censorship Go-Go

61. Phil Foglio & Shepard Hendrix, XXXenophile art


In addition to the auction, you can also score some sweet original art by visiting the CBLDF booth (1930) at Comic-Con and signing up for a commissioned drawing in the Fund’s commission art drive. Jim Lee, Jeff Smith, Terry Moore, Tim Sale, Brian Stelfreeze, Jill Thompson, Amanda Conner, Matt Wagner, Scott Kurtz, Cammo, Peter Bagge, Cliff Chiang, Charlie Adlard, Jim Valentino, Jeffrey Brown, and Matt Kindt have all signed up to draw commission drawings in exchange for generous donations to the CBLDF. Commission sign up sheets are available starting preview night of the con, with drawings gong to donors on a first come-first served basis. Stop by booth 1930 for more information when you get to the con!

When you get to the booth, also be sure to sign up for a membership, which will get you in to our Thursday night MirrorMask Welcome Party. Also be sure to check out some of the great merchandise that was donated to raise funds, including the last remaining copies of the Bone One Volume Edition, new MirrorMask merchandise, Welcome Books’ Jim Lee Superman 2006 Calendar, “A Celebration of Will,” chronicling the Will Eisner memorial service in New York, and much more!

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