CBLDF Teams with Sky-Dog Press to Present Star-Studded Anthology 'More Fund Comics'

Official Press Release

George Perez. Geoff Johns. John Romita. Adam Hughes. Michael Oeming. Terry Dodson. Erik Larsen. These are just a few of the many top-name creators contributing to MORE FUND COMICS, a star-spangled anthology benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and debuting in September at the Baltimore Comicon. Featuring a stunning Incredible Hulk cover by George Perez, the book will contain stories, pin-ups, and introduce a special feature: "The CBLDF Sketchbook," featuring a glimpse into the sketchbooks of some of comic's hottest artists.

Some of the other contributors to the book include: John Romita, Jr., Erik Larsen, Frank Cho, Art Adams, J. Scott Campbell, Butch Guice, Geoff Johns, Skott Kolins, Brandon Peterson, Scott Kurtz, Jerry Ordway, Paul Grist, Scott Morse, Jim Valentino, Hi-Fi Studios, Mike Manley, Michael T. Gilbert, Mark Wheatley, Jimmy Palmiotti, Greg Horn, Stan Sakai, Mike Oeming, Chris Eliopoulos, Ben Dunn, Terry Dodson, Ron Marz, Mark Schultz, Adam Hughes, Rick Remender, Steve Conley, and many more.

"The goal of this book," said publisher/editor John Gallagher," is to bring together the big and rising stars of comics, let them do something completely different, and raise awareness and bucks for the CBLDF." Completely different? "Let's just say that John Romita will be doing something he's never done before."

The same goes for Geoff Johns and Skott Kolins (JSA, Flash), Mark Wheatley (Hammer of the Gods), and even MORE FUND's co-conceiver, Frank (Liberty Meadows) Cho, has something new: "Scott (PVP) Kurtz and I will be debuting a new top secret project in the very pages of this anthology book," said Cho, "a brand new ongoing humor series."

MORE FUND was conceived by Gallagher (best known for his work on the self-published Buzzboy), Cho, and Baltimore Comicon organizer Marc Nathan, as the three tried to think up a new way to help the CBLDF. Cho and Nathan went about securing mainstream creators like Campbell, Adams, and cover artist Perez, while Gallagher focused on pulling in some of the up-and-comers contributing, such as Carla Speed McNeil, J. Bone, and Scott Morse. Then CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein, a big supporter of the project from the start, pulled out the big guns: He got Marvel Comics to give permission to use the Hulk on the cover. Commented Nathan,"Once Charlie got us the Hulk, we knew this would be big."

You can find out how big in September! More Fund Comics is a 144-page trade paperback, retailing for $10.00. Published by Sky Dog Press, look for an advance solicitation under the CBLDF banner in the June edition of Diamond's Previews. Also from Sky Dog in the June Previews, look for "Buzzboy: Monsters, Dreams, & Milkshakes," the new trade paperback by John Gallagher and friends, shipping in August.

MORE FUND contributors are being added every day, and the growing list and preview art can be checked at www.skydogcomics.com

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