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ITEM! Set Sail With Neil Gaiman in Anansi Boys

Closing tomorrow is what promises to be a record setting CBLDF benefit

auction to name a cruise ship in Neil Gaiman's upcoming novel Anansi

Boys. Bidding opened last Friday and at the time of this writing is

already up to $3,200! The winner of the auction will get to name the

cruise ship in Gaiman's novel and will also receive a signed first

edition of the book upon publication this Fall.

Neil Gaiman says, "The ANANSI BOYS eBay auction is now live. This is

your chance to have a Cruise Ship named after you, or after someone

you love. It's not an especially interesting cruise ship, and it

doesn't transform into a giant killer robot or get shipwrecked or

anything. It's a bog-standard Caribbean Cruise Ship. But if you've

always wanted to have a ship in a book named after you, or plan to

impress someone by casually handing them a copy of Anansi Boys,

knowing it has a ship in named after them, which is more than they do

(hmm. Probably a bad idea that, actually. In a worst case scenario

you'd get a restraining order taken out against you and I'd be sued

for invasion of privacy or something. Okay, new rule, the person it's

named after has to approve of their name being used) -- or if you've

just always wanted to be allowed to name a ship in someone else's

book, then now is your chance."

Watch the auction soar or place a bid by visiting:

ITEM! New Editor & Focus for SPX 2005 Anthology

Because you demanded it, the SPX Anthology is returning to its roots

by doing away with themed issues and reclaiming its role as the

nation's finest showcase for an uninhibited range of today's best

alternative and art comics. In addition to doing away with the theme

the anthology will be assembled under the guidance of Guest Editor

Brian Ralph, author of the acclaimed books Cave In and Climbing Out.

"After three years of themed editions, we decided it was time to get

the book back in line with the spirit of the convention and once again

make it a showcase for what today's alternative comics scene is all

about," says the book's co-editor Chris Pitzer.

"We were thrilled when Brian Ralph stepped up to act as guest editor

for this year's book," says Charles Brownstein, Executive Director of

the CBLDF which publishes the benefit book. "Brian's part of the

group that established SPX as a haven for quality small press and hand

made comics, having been through Fort Thunder, and the late nineties

small press revolution that brought companies like Top Shelf,

Highwater, and ReddingK in with a passion for reinvigorating the indy

comics scene. We're thrilled to have his eye selecting the comics

that define the small press comics scene of 2005."

Brian Ralph says, "This book will showcase the best work of the

underground and the alternative, whether the artists are self

published or unpublished. I really look forward to seeing what people

send in. I'm going to be looking for a great variety, from the high

gloss to comics that push the envelope a little more. Even stuff that

makes you ask, 'is that a comic?' This is a fantastic opportunity for

up-and-coming cartoonists to appear in print alongside the more

established artists."

Chris Pitzer adds, "This is what everyone in the indy comics scene has

been asking the anthology to be, and now that it's back we want the

best stuff everyone has to offer. Tell the story you have to tell,

show the world what your comics are all about, and make the 2005 SPX

Anthology the definitive almanac of the indy comics scene."

The Details:

Length: As long as it takes for great comics. Please do not include

title pages, fake covers, or any other sort of lead-in. Dive right

into that comic.

Deadline: Submissions must be received no later than June 30, 2005.

Please plan accordingly as overnight delivery can be very expensive.

Format: Please send your submissions, if at all possible, in an

electronic format. Art should be scanned in at 800dpi bitmap tiffs

(unless your art has tones, then grayscale). If you do not personally

own a scanner, many copy centers such as Kinko's now have scanning

facilities. The dimensions of your artwork should be as follows:

Page (trim) size: 6.625" x 9"

Live image area: 5.375" x 8"

Bleed image area: 7.125" x 9.5"

Delivery: Please do not send original art. Submission packages will

not be returned. CD-ROMs are preferred over ZIP disks. You must also

include a print-out of your submission with the package. Please send

your labeled discs and hardcopy printouts to:

SPX 2003 Anthology Submission

c/o Big Planet Comics

426 Maple Avenue East

Vienna, VA 22180


Please include the following information with both your hardcopy and

electronic submission:

Name, address, email, title of story, page count of story

FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service all have package

tracking abilities. Please do not call to check on the status of your

mailing. (Stay tuned for FTP or e-mail delivery methods.)

ITEM! CBLDF At Wizard World LA

This weekend is the Wizard World LA convention, where the CBLDF is

celebrating the premiere of the upcoming Sin City movie by offering a

wide selection of signed comics by CBLDF Defender of Liberty Frank

Miller. Stop by our table right across from Palisades and Lion's Gate

for your chance to pick up signed Sin City books, comics, and t-shirts

with all proceeds going to benefit the CBLDF's case work. On Sunday

afternoon we're also hosting an information panel highlighting recent

CBLDF cases, including last year's victories in Arkansas and

Michigan, plus details on the current case in Rome, GA involving

Legends Comics. Stop by and say hi! For more information on Wizard

World LA, please visit http://www.wizardconventions.com

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