CBLDF Launches "Spirit of Giving" Holiday Gift Drive

Official Press Release

Celebrate The Spirit of Giving this holiday season by getting once-in-a-lifetime presents for the fans in your life in support of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! When you do, The Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation will make a contribution to the CBLDF for every donation and membership placed during this campaign!

CBLDF is offering the best presents in comics, including graphic novels personalized to the fan in your life by icons including Neil Gaiman, art spiegelman, Frank Miller, Dan Clowes, Robert Kirkman, Dave Gibbons, and many more. Plus you'll get an exclusive Will Eisner gift card that tells them your gift helped do good for comics!

When you support the CBLDF's Spirit of Giving drive between now and December 16, the Will and Ann Eisner Foundation will make a contribution of $1 for every donation and gift order placed on the CBLDF's website. In addition, they will contribute $5 for each new, renewing or gift membership made from now until December 31!

Be a hero this holiday by giving the most unique gifts that make a real difference when you support the CBLDF with the Spirit of Giving!

Here's the list of participants and gift items launching this important CBLDF campaign:

Personalized Graphic Novels

Chester Brown (personalization requests due December 5!)

Dan Clowes (personalization requests due December 5!)

Garth Ennis (personalization requests due December 5!)

Neil Gaiman (personalization requests due December 5!)

Dave Gibbons (Personalization requests due December 2!)

Robert Kirkman (Personalization Requests Due December 5!)

Frank Miller (Personalization Requests Due December 5!)

Terry Moore (Personalization Requests Due December 5!)

Seth (Personalization Requests Due December 5!)

art spiegelman (Personalization Requests Due December 5!)

Adrian Tomine (Personalization Requests Due December 5!)

Here's How The Personalization Works

When you place your order with the CBLDF for these holiday premiums, you can have each of the offered books personalized to one or two names, and the artist will sign and personalize the book on a high quality CBLDF-branded bookplate. When you place your order, you'll be prompted to indicate how you want the book personalized in the comments section. Please include the personalization request, such as: For Will, For Carl & Nancy, or To The Groppers! Sorry - artists will not be able to provide sketches or other messages.

All books will be personalized the week of December 5, and will be mailed the week of December 12. If you have questions about whether a book will reach you in time for a specific day, please email Alex Cox at info@cbldf.org

Here's How Your Donation Will Be Used

Legal Action

The CBLDF protects the First Amendment rights of comics by paying for the defense of important Free Speech cases; maintaining top retained legal counsel to assist with day-to-day First Amendment issues that people need help with; and membership in Media Coalition to fight unconstitutional laws. Donations made during this campaign will help us pay down our current balance to retained counsel and our Media Coalition dues, which they graciously allowed us to defer when we made the first contribution to the Canada Customs case last September.

These donations will also shore up our resources to contribute to the defense of the Canada Customs case, going to trial early next year. This is the case of Brandon X, an American citizen facing a minimum sentence of one year in Canadian prison and registration as a sex offender because Canada Customs alleges that Japanese horror and fantasy comics on Brandon's laptop are child pornography. His case is important because it raises important precedent questions about the artistic merit of comics and the rights of readers and artists traveling with comics on their electronic devices. The CBLDF needs your help to pay the lawyers defending this case because we seek to establish a precedent that protects comics in Canada and influences courts in the United States.


The CBLDF continues to assist librarians and retailers when comics and graphic novels are challenged. Often this happens on a case-by-case basis, during which CBLDF staff gather defense materials for each individual incident. We currently seek funds to develop more substantial preventive tools, including joining an important anti-censorship coalition that protects the right to read.

THE SPIRIT and WILL EISNER are Registered Trademarks of Will Eisner Studios, Inc.

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