CBLDF Executive Director Chris Bleistein resigns

Official Press Release

Northampton MA -- Chris Bleistein has resigned from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF), a non-profit organization protecting First Amendment rights in the comics industry. He had been an employee of the CBLDF more than four years, serving for the past thirteen months as the organization's Executive Director (ED).

"It's been a privilege working for the CBLDF," said Bleistein, "both as Deputy Director and Executive Director. I'm glad to be leaving the Fund on much surer financial footing than when I assumed the duties of director. I believe as strongly as ever in the Fund's mission, but after more than four years, I felt it was time to move on."

"Chris has done an exemplary job of stabilizing and improving the CBLDF's bottom line," noted Denis Kitchen, the Fund's President. "He stepped up at a time when the organization's finances were of concern. Chris's frugality and attention to budgetary detail has dramatically helped the Fund's ability to defend retailers, artists and others who are unfairly prosecuted. "

Kitchen indicated that the CBLDF board would make an announcement at a later date regarding Bleistein's replacement.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund was founded in 1986 as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization to protect constitutional rights and to educate the comics community on First Amendment rights. Donations and inquiries should be directed to the CBLDF at P.O. Box 693, Northampton, MA 01061. For more CBLDF news and information, pick up a copy of "Busted!," the Fund's free periodic newsletter, or visit the CBLDF web-site at http://www.cbldf.org.

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