CBLDF at Wizard World Texas holds lunch with Joe Quesada, Jim lee Karaoke

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The professional community is having a blast raising money to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund at this weekend's Wizard World convention in Texas. The big fun is on Saturday when the lucky bidder on the CBLDF's eBay auction will have the chance to have a mano a mano lunch with Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada. "Joe is very generous with his time for the Fund," CBLDF Director Charles Brownstein says. "At Wizard World he offered up an hour of his time to have lunch with one very determined couple who bid $1,500 for the chance. This time we're opening up the bidding to the world online with an eBay auction closing on Wednesday night so folks can plan to meet this dynamic industry leader." Bid now.

On Saturday night it's Jim Lee's Twisted Karaoke, which will feature the vocal stylings of DC Comics Director of Sales Bob Wayne & friends. Lee challenged Wayne, a Texas native, to do a karaoke event to benefit the CBLDF. Never one to back down from a challenge, he's putting up in Texas on Saturday night. Joe Quesada, JG Jones, and others will be taking their turns at the mic, where fans can choose the song for $5 and make them stop for $10. The Fund will also be auctioning off original art and rare books at this unique Wizard World event.

Finally on Sunday morning Jim Lee and a cast of top artists will be participating in the Wizard World Sketch Duel. In one hour the artists will be jamming on original art to be auctioned off to benefit the Fund. "These are a lot of fun," Brownstein tells Newsarama. "First of all, Jim Lee always gives 110%; in Chicago someone challenged him to draw Superman and Beppo the Super-Monkey saving the city of Chicago. It was a joke, but Jim turned in a detailed Chicago skyline from memory, delivering one of the most impressive pieces of art I've seen all year."

"It's weekends like Wizard World that make heading the Fund so enjoyable," Brownstein says. "It's a creative team effort that draws on the ideas, talent, and time of our industry's brightest minds. This weekend's events are all going to be a lot of fun and they really showcase just how willing the professional community is to get behind the Fund and give back to the fans. I can't wait to see how it all turns out."

Come see the CBLDF at this weekend's WizardWorld Texas and join the fun! For more information visit www.wizardconventions.com

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