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Official Press Release

The latest from STORMBOY's publisher, Zodiac Comics, makes it appearance as part of Pop Image's YBIL daily online anthology series. Creator Henry Kujawa talks about his latest project...

"I got the idea for Cave Boy 2 years ago while watching reruns of late-60's Hanna-Barbera cartoons. What I had in mind was a story for one of several upcoming STORMBOY books. Then early this summer, I got an idea to spotlight the character in a solo backup story. 3 days later, TCM ran the first 4 Johnny Weismuller TARZAN films back-to-back. That clinched it for me!

"Cave Boy is sort of a cross between DINO BOY In The Lost Valley (1966) and the son on THE HERCULOIDS (1967). When the anti-violence nuts got going back when, those shows were yanked and I hadn't seen them since the late 60's. Funny-- until recently I never realized HERCULOIDS was a sci-fi take on the Weismuller TARZAN series, set on another planet. (If you swipe from an earlier generation, your audience won't be aware of it. Usually...) In my case, "Stone Valley" is actually in the same future world as Stormboy's Metro City. Although that angle won't be apparent in this short initial episode.

"After working myself to death (figuratively speaking) to get my art more and more "photographically realistic", it was such a pleasure to go more "cartoony" here. Especially with the dinosaur.

"In 2 extremely x-rated books I've worked on so far, one page of this is actually the only instance of excessive violence to appear. And for whatever reason, I was laughing myself silly the whole time I did it...

"Cave Boy even has its own music-- unofficially, for now. For "Dino Rescue", the 2 songs I picked were "Jurassic Beat" by Eddie Angel (EDDIE ANGEL'S GUITAR PARTY), and "Gonna Find A Cave" by The Banana Splits. (Who else?) Eddie's recording claims to feature the sounds of "real" dinosaurs. How'd he get them in the studio?

"I was almost finished with "Dino Rescue" when I discovered YOUNG BOTTOMS IN LOVE, and realized with a bit of "editing" it would be perfect for the anthology. Both editors Randall Kirby & Tim Fish have been very helpful & encouraging.

"I slightly altered the art for this version myself... (censorship!! censorship!!) The full-length 12-page version will be appearing as a back-up in the upcoming STORMBOY #2-- when it finally comes out! Yep, #2 has been in the works-- and this is scary to think about-- since before I bought my computer! The main story is looking to be about 120 pages (I'm up to 91 so far), with a 12-page Jay back-up story-- and now, it looks like, a 12-page Cave Boy story as well! It's gonna be a whopper.

"By the way, if you know anyone you think might be interested in contributing to YBIL, please have them contact Randall Kirby at mummycop@yahoo.com or Tim Fish at timfish@timfishworks.com . Tell 'em I sent ya!"

Read CAVE BOY: "Dino Rescue!" at http://www.popimage.com/

See Henry Kujawa's Prism Comics profile page at http://www.prismcomics.org/profile.php?id=233

Visit the Zodiac Comics website at http://www.webspawner.com/users/zodiaccomics/

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