Catwoman, X-Men 3, Godzilla, more: Comic Reel Wrap for December 10th


Ready for more new photos from the set of "Catwoman?" Lifepress.com has new snapshots of Halle alongside Benjamin Bratt.


So much for job security: Ian McKellan told Comingsoon.net in an interview that he plans to speak to director Bryan Singer and one of the new sequel's writers to figure out whether or not Erik Magnus Lehnsherr will go for a three-peat. McKellen said, "I'm told by both of them that they hope there's going to be a third movie, they both hope to be involved and they both hope that Magneto would be a part, but they don't quite get around to saying I'll be playing Magneto. It could be the young Magneto they could be writing. Who knows. I think Lauren Shuler Donner has announced that there is going to be an X-Men 3 and there's going to be a spinoff, a Wolverine spinoff, and that Hugh Jackman is contracted to do both."


It doesn't matter that it's been decades since he was on comic book spinner racks. The original, Raymond Burr-free "Godzilla," with forty minutes of footage cut from the US release, will be available in art house theatres this spring, according to Variety and ICv2. Grargh!


Hurricane Entertainment issued a press release indication that the new collector's edition two-disc DVD for the John Carpenter classic features a DVD-sized copy of "Snake Plissken Chronicles #1." The package includes a Comic Shop Locator Service ad, and a mini-documentary on the making of the comics.


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