Catwoman, Spider-Man 2, Batman, more: January 26th Comic Reel Wrap


The official Halle Berry Fan Message Board is buzzing with words from contest winner "Derri," who got a trip to the set of "Catwoman," and was very impressed with what she saw. "'Catwoman' is HOT TO DEATH!!!! OH MY GOD!!! The scenes I have watched left me and the crew CLAPPING at the end. The action is awesome and Halle is working it -- just working it out!!! You will not believe the stuff she does. She is in the best shape of her life and impressing both me and the crew with her ability. You guys are gonna FALL OUT when you see it. Halle is UNBELIEVABLE - she is the CAT's MEOW to say the least. Fellas you are gonna have to hold onto something and ladies you are gonna dream about being her! July just can't come soon enough. I cant' wait until we can start sharing some of it with you. It's still a bit early but as soon as we can we will. It is going to be great to look forward to! I am already counting down the days -- only 6 more months to go!"

All the news isn't bright, as Hollywood North Report got a call from their set insider about an accident that took place and led to Halle Berry being rushed to St. Paul's hospital in downtown Vancouver. According to their report, "She was hit by a boom while doing some physical work at the Performing Arts Center (formerly Ford Center). 'Catwoman' has been there for the last week and a half doing special effects/stunt work and was set to move on this week. No word if Halle will be taking a few days off to recover but supposedly her stay at the hospital was brief (a few hours) and she was more shaken than anything."


A poster on the Superherohype Message Boards found two new promo images for the web-spinning sequel, and was kind enough to share them with the world.


Superherohype also got a spy report from someone claiming to have seen the new Batmobile at Britain's Shepperton Studios. "2 F1 style tires at front, and four huge monstertruck style nobbly tires at rear. Batmobile not long, but wide, also has jet at rear. 2 seater side-by-side, it was mobile and driving. The one I saw had no shell." They also report that the Bat-cowl will have short ears (not the long pointy ones) and the Batmobile has been completed since this report was originally received.


FilmJerk reports that the French comic based on the Edgar P. Jacobs-created adventures of Captain Francis Blake and Professor Phillip Mortimer, which is considered "in the vein of 'The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.'" Principal photography is set to begin this July in both Canada and the United Kingdom, and the director is James Huth.


Variety reports that the Mark Steven Johnson directed adventures of Johnny Blaze are either slated for December (unlikely) or 2005. Nicolas Cage is still attached as Johnny Blaze (which many attribute to the delays, as his schedule is considerably full) and Jon Voight.


John Schneider gave the gang at Kryptonsite all the goodies, including thoughts about Jonathan Kent's "deal" with Jor-El. "Jonathan has changed a lot in light of the deal that he made with Jor-El. He made the deal for all the right reasons, but it's the first time since Clark found out that he was different that Jonathan has held anything from him, and I think that that has changed their relationship a little bit. But I think for Clark's current age, it's made it more real, perhaps, than it was before. There is a time where we realize that our parents have flaws. And albeit my flaw is for the right reason, I'm still trying to justify a lie, and you'll see that coming up. "Once you cross the line of truth with your child or with anyone, you've got some damage control to do. You can't put a band aid on that. It amazes me how the people who write Smallville manage to continue to put in little tiny truths that happen in real relationships. I think that is what's keeping Smallville so based in reality. Even though there's people shooting up Kryptonite, all this sort of stuff is happening."

Kryptonsite also has the official description of this week's episode "Velocity," as well as their regular round of spoilers about it.

On the other side of the web, Devoted To Smallville has gobs of updates as well, including a screen captures from the episode "Whisper," even more screen captures from Kristin Kreuk's appearances on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and "Total Request Live", scans of an article about Kristin which appeared in an LA Times supplement called "The WB Magazine," and a longer trailer (which appeared on "TRL") for the episode "Delete."


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