'Catwoman,' 'Shrek,' 'Scary Godmother,' and 'Tutenstein': Comic Reel Wrap for October 6th


The web was abuzz last week with images of Halle Berry as Catwoman (including here, here and here, with expanded coverage from the UK's "Sun" here). According to Extra TV, the recently-separated actress is still filming "Catwoman" in Vancouver.


According to numerous sources, (among them CNN.com) William Steig, creator of "Shrek" and called by the "New Yorker" the "King of Cartoons," passed away Friday night at the age of 95. He died of natural causes at his home in the Back Bay section of Boston. He worked as a professional cartoonist for decades, starting an association with the New Yorker that lasted seventy years. In that time, he produced more than 1,600 drawings and 117 covers for the magazine, as well as authoring more than 30 children's books. He is survived by his wife Jeanne, two daughters and a son.


Animation fans can join Jill Thompson for The Scary Godmother Holiday Spooktacular on Saturday, November 8th in Chicago. Ms. Thompson will discuss the property's transition from two dimensional comic book to three dimensional animated special.


[Tutenstein]Creator Jay Stephens sent out an email broadcast announcing the debut of Tutenstein on NBC's Discovery Kids on November 1st, with a debut on the Discovery Channel November 3rd. 26 half hour episodes are currently in production.


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