In Her Time of Need, Catwoman Turns To A Long-Missing DC Face

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Catwoman #3, from Joëlle Jones, Fernando Blanco, John Kalisz, Laura Allred and Josh Reed, in stores now.

In the wake of a broken-off wedding, most people would take time to mend and recover. Not Selina Kyle, though. After leaving Batman at the altar, Catwoman's world has grown as turbulent as ever as she tries to make a new life for herself in Villa Hermosa, California.

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As is the usual case, trouble follows the Cat wherever she goes. In Villa Hermosa, she gets a lot more than what she initially bargained for, running afoul of corrupt cops and vile politicians. To top it off, they all want her to leave, or worse yet, get dead. With her world crumbling around her yet again, a bruised and almost fully-broken Selina manages to turn to the one person who knows her just as well as Bruce Wayne did, an old face from the past -- her sister, Maggie.

No matter how strong and resilient she is, Catwoman has a breaking point and it seems like she's nearing it. Issue #3 focuses on her trying to figure out why copycats (no pun intended) framed her for larceny and murdering innocent cops. She ends up meeting the Creel family, who basically run Villa Hermosa from the political landscape to the judicial system, and they make it clear that they're behind things. Also, unless she works for them, she'll be evicted. Of course, she refuses their offer and a melee ensues, which sees her thrown from a nightclub onto a car, barely escaping the scene of the attack.

Ribs damaged, ego bruised and feeling mentally weak -- as she doesn't have Batman to turn to -- Catwoman takes to the night and heads out to a mysterious complex. It's unclear if it's for civilians or actually a mental facility, but there she opens one of the doors and meets Maggie, who seems to be in a delirious state. There's a lot to be drawn from this lone panel depicting their reunion, as Maggie hasn't been seen since Gotham City Sirens #22 in 2011.

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Back then, a deranged Maggie (a former nun who was never the same after she was tortured by Black Mask and her husband killed just to get to Catwoman) was converted into a radical by Azrael. It turned out to be a twisted endgame where Azrael actually wanted to trap Selina and have her kill Maggie so that both could be purified as part of his religious crusade. However, Selina refused to do so, even at Maggie's behest.

Her fate was left ambiguous, and we didn't know where she went or where Selina put her. Well, now we see Maggie's been in hiding, looking as fragile as ever. She's gone from brunette to redhead and is bound to a wheelchair, resembling Barbara Gordon.

We don't know if Selina's been caring for her all this time, but what's worth noting is that, in that Sirens issue, Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shadows were monitoring events, so she may have had to hide Maggie to keep her safe. Either way, this seems to be more a personal meeting than a business one, as Selina does need a shoulder to lean on. Villa Hermosa's criminals could potentially target and use Maggie against Selina too, so a lot is at stake.

Maggie knows Selina's dark secrets, so this history could be exposed. Plus, she was manipulated and used as a weapon to try to take Catwoman out before. Ergo, Selina may have an ulterior motive here in ensuring Maggie isn't exploited as her biggest weakness, something Black Mask enjoyed doing.

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Only time will tell what the Cat has in store, but clearly after losing the love of her life she can't afford to lose her beloved sister, no matter how much turmoil their relationship has been steeped in. She's never been afraid to admit it, but now she needs Maggie more than ever.

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