Catwoman, Lady Death, Sin City: July 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


Producer Don Murphy is at it again, posting a new cryptic comment on his website about movement on a big screen treatment for the pale-skinned incarnation of the end of all things.


Comics Continuum has an interview with screenwriter John Brancato, who again teamed with Michael Ferris to pen the feline flick. Brancato spoke of taking the girl outta Gotham. "At first, it seemed like a pretty weird decision to make, to keep the Batman universe out of it and get out of Gotham City. But as we got involved with it, it started to make a lot more sense. Because with Selina Kyle you always have a character who was fundamentally founded on Batman. It was all in reaction to Batman. You'd have to explain where she was and where Batman was and it becomes a movie that is about, still, the Batman world and the Batman universe. And to think about the idea of what Catwoman could be an developing it fresh just gave us a story that was much more based on Catwoman herself, and didn't require the opponent to be the primary reason for her existence."


Comics Continuum also has screen captures from the animated feature based on the workd of Brian Pulido. The screenplay was written by renowned writer Carl Macek, developer and story editor for Robotech, and composter Bill Brown provided the original musical score.


Busily broadcasting from bed, creator Warren Ellis kiboshed rumors of a casting crisis on his Bad Signal mailing list. The rumor was that actress Amber Benson was out of the running for a role on the show, based on her playing a lesbian on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." "Big surprise, that Amber Benson thing now appears to have been a bunch of crap, presumably released into the wild by someone with an axe or two to grind. Not that any of the people who felt like demanding information from me yesterday and this morning could be arsed to let me know. Also a big surprise. I harbour many foul suspicions about the whole thing."


A trailer from the Austin, Texas based production? Can it be? Well, it sure looks like it.


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