Catwoman, Hellboy, Superman, more: January 29th Comic Reel Wrap


CNN has a report on Halle Berry after her accidental bonking on the set of her new action film. "She had to maneuver past a piece of equipment, a set piece, and she didn't quite run past it, but she's just fine," production spokesman Joe Everett said. "She was taken to hospital Saturday night, treated and released and was at work again Monday morning."


CHUD.com's Nick Nunziata interviewed creator Mike Mignola, and of course a certain movie adaptation came up. "I was doing an interview and I realized that I met Guillermo six or seven years ago when he was first talking about doing 'Hellboy' and the movie he wanted to make then is the movie he ended up making. That's almost unheard of. I never believed he'd pull it off. I never believed the movie would get made, and if it did get made there'd be a lot changes in order to get a studio to say yes to it. But the fact that it did get made with Ron Perlman and basically the same story, it's amazing. I credit Guillermo with being very stubborn and working his ass off all these years and sticking his guns, and there you go ... I won the lottery there. Guillermo wanted to put my version of the comic on the screen and there are fans that are upset about this change or that change but what they lose sight of is that in the hands of another director or studio this thing could bear no resemblance to my comic whatsoever. The fact that it's as close to the comic as it is and the fact that the personality of the main character is so close to the comic, it's beyond anything I ever imagined."


Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles allegedly had a conversation with a Warner Brothers source, who told him Selma Blair is out of the running for the role of Lois Lane, replaced by ... singer Beyonce Knowles. Johnny Depp is reportedly now slated for the role of Lex Luthor.


Dark Horizons has photos from the set of the Jamie Kennedy-fueled sequel. Shooting is underway, and they expect to wrap in a few weeks.


The official site has some nice updates, including a reprint of an article from Wizard Magazine, offers the new Doc Ock bearhug image as wallpaper and updates to crew weblogs.


FIlmforce reports that the real American hero is a "go" at Paramount Pictures, produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and written by Michael Gordon (Frank Miller's "300">.


Devoted to Smallville seems to be the first site to get the Windows Media trailer for next week's episode, "Hereafter," online.


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