Catwoman, Hellboy, Global Frequency, Aliens vs. Predator, more: Comic Reel Wrap for October 28th


Comingsoon.net's Chuck the Movie Guy sat down to interview Halle Berry about her thoughts on the new feline flick, and posted the audio for your review. Sci-Fi Wire also has a Halle Berry interview where she says her Catwoman costume is "much more comfortable than my X-suit."


Guillermo del Toro makes this job so easy -- DVD Talk sat down with the amiable director about the 10th Anniversary DVD release of his film "Cronos," and of course the talk turned to "Hellboy." del Toro said, "I'll have my director's cut ready to preview for the studio in the next couple of weeks."


Comics Continuum notes that the November 10 episode of "Mutant X" is called "Shadows of Darkness," and describes it as, "The Mutant X team is called in to investigate bizarre activities occurring at a local hospital." Mark Amato writes and the episode is directed by Andrew Potter.


Warren Ellis sent out word on his Bad Signal mailing list that, "I can confirm now (rather than last week) that WB have bought the TV rights to GLOBAL FREQUENCY. Frankly, I forget all the details and I'm freezing bloody cold in the pub, but as I remember the deal comes with a script commitment -- my friend the screenwriter John Rogers is writing and developing -- and I'm on as a consultant and producer. There will, of course, be necessary adaptations to the TV medium -- that's just the nature of the beast -- but John is nailing the tone of the series admirably. Always remember, there are no guarantees that the job will make it to screen. Even pilots are not always aired. But at this point everyone seems to think we have a good shot at this. And if it goes to series I get to write an episode."


The latest issue of Xbox Magazine includes "some nice add-ons for X2. They have a 3 minute bio of Nightcrawler, the Movie Trailer, DVD TV spot and the menu for the DVD," according to Superherohype.


Way down the page at Dark Horizons, a spy reports that he got a sneak peak of the trailer, and had this to say: "Very Stargate opening like, swooping close-ups of the alien head and the predator mask. Then a shot of a ship dropping a pod to earth, very cool." Also, Ananova caught up with Ridley Scott, who's chatting up Sigourney Weaver about a fifth and final film to the Aliens saga.


Lights Out Entertainment has posted a new one-sheer from the upcoming CGI/live action adaptation.


Of course those swell guys at Kryptonsite have spoilers for an upcoming episode called "Delete," and Zap2It.com talks to the big guest star from next week's spoiler-titled episode.


The studio that's bringing "Man-Thing" and "Punisher" to the silver screen, Artisan Entertainment, has been purchased by Lion's Gate Entertainment Corporation, according to the Dow Jones Business News.


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