Catwoman, Elektra, Spider-Man 3: May 7th Comic Reel Wrap


The official website has opened its digital doors, offering downloads, a photo gallery, a synopsis of the film and a sketchbook. Also Comics Continuum has screen captures from the trailer that was released earlier this week.


Colourpress has a photo gallery from the Vancouver set of the Jennifer Garner-fueled action film.


Kryptonsite has six new photos from the season finale "Covenant," as well as a fresh translation of Ezra Small prophecies from the show's Smallville Ledger website. Meanwhile, there's a fresh video clip from the season finale called "Look Who Is Coming To Smallville," and it shows a certain blonde surprise visitor. Finally, the BBC has posted more than a dozen video clips (RealPlayer only) with executive producer Al Gough, discussing various elements of the show, including the possibility of an all-musical episode and having Christopher Reeve be involved with the series.


Nobody is content to just talk about the sequel you'll see next these days -- cigar chomping cinematic newsman J.K. Simmons told Sci Fi Wire, that he's excited to get back to work and "I think the original plan was to do them every other year, but then [Spider-Man 2] ended up getting a little bit delayed, so we're doing a late June release instead of May. They like that Memorial Day slot, so I think that's the reason for doing a [May 4] 2007 release."


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